The New Evil Empire

In the 1980’s, Hollywood did not give a fuck when painting the Soviet Union as the the Evil Empire in every movie.  Think of the 1984 release of Red Dawn, where the Soviet Union with the help of Cuban comrades invade a small town Colorado.  Remember Rambo III, when John Rambo travels to pre-Taliban Afghanistan to rescue his war buddy captured by the Soviet army fighting the Mujahideen.

Of course, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 but the threat of communist nations still linger with an iron grip on power, think North Korea and China.  Except for a cartoony stop animation of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il in Team America: World Police released in 2004 there has been no film put out by the big Hollywood studios in the last 20 years that is critical of China’s policies.

It is well known that the Chinese government are actively committing what many consider human rights violations against the ethnic Uyghurs and Tibetans.  Additionally, in the last 20 years, China has taken a more belligerent stance in the world stage, including building a military base in the middle of the highly contested territory in the South China Sea, over 1,000 miles from mainland China.  It is widely suspected that China has hacked the federal government’s Office of Personal Management, the HR of the US government, and may have comprised personal information of government employees, federal contractors, and possibly even “state department contractors”, aka CIA agents.  It has been reported, but not investigated by the media that the CIA covert network in China went completely dark in 2012, most likely because the Chinese military hacked the communication methods and procedures followed by the CIA handlers and their local informants.

It feels like the large Hollywood studios, like most companies and even nations, are turning a blind eye at the injustices being committed by the Chinese government, the Communist Party of China, all for the short term illusion of gaining access into the Chinese market.

Outsourcing American Farms

If you want to go catch the illegal aliens, I’m sorry undocumented workers, on harvest season go swoop in to pick them up. … If the labor force is undocumented, I think there are a lot of people who would want to go and work there. There are a lot of people unemployed in California.
– Adam Curry, No Agenda Show, Episode 403

Adam Curry, who moved out of California and asks for donations online, instead of working farm jobs complains of others who do. Lets be clear, these jobs are migrant temporary jobs that usually paid in such a structure that the hourly rate comes out to sub-minimum wage. Adam Curry is not going to pick strawberries in California fields, and few other Californians are going to do so. Most Californians are all developing the next $1 billion startup or big television production deal. So if Adam Curry and other Californians are not going to harvest the crops then let others do so. If we can’t get migrant farm workers to come work on American farms, American farms will just shut down and that production will move out of the country.

Farm owners don’t necessary care who picks the fruits and vegetables off their land, they just care that they have a good harvest. American farmers care if they can afford to stay in business, if they can find the necessary workers, if they have access to water, and if they are going to be priced out or regulated out of business by the EPA.

American farms are under threat of extinction, just as American manufacturing has been mostly outsourced, so will American farms. We’ve lost so much ground on American manufacturing that the San Francisco Bay Bridge, a multi-billion dollar project, is largely constructed in China, transported on site in pieces, and assembled in place. If the Golden Gate was to be rebuilt today, it would be like any Apple product, designed in California, made in China. A project like the Bay Bridge generates more wealth and more jobs in China than it does in California.

American farms will go the way of American manufacturing. Go to your local grocery story, walk the produce aisle, and you will see that half the fruits and vegetables come from outside the country. You’ll see all sorts of produce from Mexico, Central America, South American, and even Southeast Asia. In the years to come, you’ll see more of this trend because American farms are being squeezed out by regulation, access to water, farm labor, and other costs to that point that most farms will simply be outsourced.

China Builds 30-Story Hotel in Just 15 Days

Here is video of a construction site in China where they built a 30 story building in just 15 days, that is two stories in one day. From looking at the video you’ll notice that they are just assembling the building from pre-made pieces. It’s like a per-fabricated building or like building a building form Lego pieces. The video shows the construction workers working around the clock, day and night.

Best Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip

The best twitter account right now must have to be @GSElevator, which tweets comments overheard in the Goldman Sachs elevators. The account has yet to be verified by the folks of Twitter but it sounds legit. I’m sure the folks at Goldman Sachs are thankful this twitter account doesn’t post things heard in Goldman Sachs bathrooms. Here are some of my recent favorite tweets from @GSElevator.

  • #1: We’re all God’s children. Some of us just deserve a higher allowance.
  • #1: Some chick asked me what I would do with 10 million bucks. I told her I’d wonder where the rest of my money went.
  • Skirt #1: Whenever I get stressed, I go shoe shopping.  [exits]. Suit #1 (to Suit #2): Obviously not for running shoes. 
  • #1: if you have a job where you have to wear a nametag, nobody gives a shit what your name is.
  • #1: The Obama administration has single-handedly revived the layaway industry.
  • #1: Rules are for the obedience of fools, and the guidance of people like us.
  • [classic] #1: Riding the subway reminds me why I am pro-choice.
  • #1: Europe is starting to make African leaders look competent.
  • #1: The fact that most people are too stupid to know how dumb they really are is the fabric holding our society together.
  • #1: Hey fat fuck, I already know what your resolution is.
  • #1: Whenever I see a black guy with my last name, I can’t help but wonder if my family used to own his.
  • #1: She’s only about 3 weeks of anorexia away from looking hot. #2: Maybe 4.
  • 1: Look thru her passport. You can usually tell if the relationship is worth pursuing. (Laughs) 3 stamps, and they all say ‘Cancun.’
  • #1: Obama is aging fast enough for Morgan Freeman to play him in a movie.
  • #1: Groupon… Food stamps for the middle class.
  • #1: Fact. Nearly 50% of all American workers have less than $10k saved for retirement. #2: Fuck. That wouldn’t cover a ski weekend.
  • #1: Either Facebook sucks, or my friends suck.
  • #1: I started winning the day I was conceived.
  • #1: Ronald Reagan always spent Christmas in DC so more Secret Servicemen could spend it with their families. #aloha
  • #1: I love watching Asian guys smell and swirl their wine obnoxiously. And then their faces get all blotchy. Pussies.
  • #1: I’m rich, but not give-up-my-US-passport rich… Yet.
  • #1: I help with the recruiting effort, or as I call it, the Office Beautification Project.
  • [classic] #1: I wish I invested in poverty. It’s up 60% since 2001. #2: We did.
  • #1: She wants the person I am 10% of the time, 100% of the time. #2: That’s you not being you. #EndIt
  • #1: Sending flowers to her office is like a big neon sign to her coworkers saying, “The asshole screwed up again.”
  • #1: If you want a friend, get a dog. If you want a friend with benefits, find some chick who’s in PR.
  • #1: In New York, don’t trust a banker with a pocket square. In London, it’s a pinky ring… And in Asia, don’t fucking trust anyone.
  • MD#1: Every horrible wife starts out as an adorable girlfriend.
  • [classic] #1: My garbage disposal eats better than 98% of the world.
  • #1: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.
  • #1: If I were single and always sober, I wouldn’t need to password lock my iPhone.
  • #1: Can we please stop calling them ‘hipsters’ and go back to calling them ‘pussies?’
  • [classic] #1: The Euro is dead. They’re just bickering over who pays for the funeral.
  • #1: A protester sees my Benz, and wants to rip me out of it. A real man sees my car, and wants to work hard so he can buy it one day.
  • Suit#1 (on cell phone): “Yes… Yes… I know… Yes… Ok, you too… Bye.” [hang ups]. “Jesus Christ, I hope my next wife doesn’t do this.”
  • #1: China is the only country that gets to have towns in just about every city in the world.

America’s Open Secrets

Most politicians have skeletons in their closets, you almost have to be a successful politicians. Politicians don’t only know where the bodies are buried, they often order them buried. To win elections you need money and money don’t come cheap. Politicians will debate each other on foreign policies, tax increases, education cuts but like the mafia, they don’t snitch on each other. The media is a complicit to this, the media in a sense is the reference, dirty and has money riding on the results and as such it chooses not to question or address certain aspects of a politician’s life. For example, just about everyone close to JFK’s administration knew about his philandering ways but no one mentioned it. That is why I was surprised when the media took up the debate of President Obama’s birth certificate. I mean, there are real issues facing America and the late night local news does not mention these, but they sure did spend a lot of time alluding to the birthplace of President Obama. This made me think, what other open secrets is the media keeping? What other issues are the media choosing to neglect for soft piece on the royal wedding?


  • The Chinese are actively hacking and infiltrating American networks.
  • Chinese intelligence has infiltrated many top companies and research facilities.
  • China has a spy ring much larger than the uncovered Russian spy ring of 2010.
  • China has acquired most of our stealth and next generation military technology.
  • Berkley is a hot bed of intelligence recruiting.
  • No American in their right mind goes hiking along the North Korean or Iranian border.


  • Obama was raised Muslim.
  • Janet Napolitano is gay.
  • Joe Biden is either the only honest guy in Washington or an idiot.
  • Timothy Geithner didn’t pay his taxes for years.
  • The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has only given the Haitian a fraction of the money it collected.


  • Everyone in the intelligence community knew Osama was in Pakistan for years.
  • President Obama step outside the the law and international treaties to assassinate Osama.
  • Osama was assassinated, this was a mafia style shot in the head murder.
  • Osama was killed only because he no longer useful for to the government.

Election 2012

  • President Obama is American’s first black token president.
  • Norman Freeman, playing a black president in Deep Impact, did as much to get Obama elected as he did for himself as a US senator.
  • President Obama will win the 2012 elections.
  • President Obama will raise nearly a billion dollars in donations, a large portion of which are untraceable ‘internet donations.’
  • Republicans know they can’t win.

Retweet December 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in December 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Got Gov?

  • Bailouts, tax cuts, and deficits.
  • You don’t need a wikileak to know that the coordinated attack on wikileaks is by a covert government agency.
  • Do you think there is an office pool in some CIA break room to see when Julian Assagne will be neutralized?
  • The US has a policy to not negotiate with terrorists, but it is also known to fund and train them.
  • Since US forces can’t find Osama in Afghanistan, the TSA is searching in American travelers’ underpants.
  • We are enslaved in the name of freedom.
  • It’s not a free country, it’s a credit country.
  • Lady Liberty is a crack whore for oil.
  • I don’t want something that needs to be approved by a regulatory body in my body.
  • Constitutional monarchies are largely ceremonial, so is the constitution.
  • Some people in the current administration want to replace freedom with feardom.
  • for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FEARDOM!


  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Read The Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Act of 2010.
  • Whenever someone says that they are backed by “irrefutable facts” they are making it up.
  • Whenever someone says that they have the smoking gun, ask for the smoking gunman.
  • There is a three party system in American, the Republicans, the Democrats, and Annonymous.
  • No one respects your political views, not even those you vote for.
  • One dollar, one vote.
  • We the sheeple.
  • Once elected, they ain’t effective.
  • Hope don’t float.
  • If they outright lie while campaigning what don’t you think they lie about once elected?


  • Designed by Apple in California. Manufactured by Foxxcon in China.
  • More money more bills.
  • Some kids play baseball, other kids make the baseballs for $2/day.
  • Saying a corporation is too big to fail is like saying you are too big to eat.
  • The capitalism trumps innovation.
  • Martin Luther King JR’s estate charges academic authors $50 for each sentence of the “I Have a Dream” speech that they reprint.
  • “Sensory trademarks” include a duck quacking (AFLAC), a lion roaring (MGM), yodelling (Yahoo!), giggling (Pillsbury).
  • 91 pending trademarks bear Donald Trump’s name, including “Donald J. Trump the Fragrance” and “Trump’s Golden Lager.”
  • Micro lenders only leads to micro loan sharks.


  • NPR: National Propaganda Radio @NPR
  • Nationalism needs an enemy.
  • If you are listening to this you are the resistance.
  • Noticed that http://OFA.BO/ resolves to @BarackObama’s campaign website. BO is the TLD for Bolivia. What happened, wasn’t free?
  • Are news networks embedded in the military or the military embedded in the news network?
  • Censorship is only bad when it’s done by another country, it’s good for the homeland when it’s done by your country.
  • Suspicious Activities Report is the new world order witch hunt.
  • There is a lot of chedder in the intel for terror arrests in xmas by interstate corporate sponsored eggtremists.
  • Notice how ‘terror arrests’ sounds a lot like ‘terrorists.’
  • What ever happened to all that talk about Global Warming? It’s so cold that all of NY and parts of hell have frozen over.
  • There are conspiracy theorists, and there are conspiracy engineers.


  • Is the Internet half empty or half full?
  • Inception is a movie about implanting an idea someone’s mind through their dreams, what idea was implanted while watching the movie?
  • Is good the enemy of great?
  • If the Swiss army knife has all those blades, how does the Swiss army thank look like?
  • Whatever happened to Brownie the brown nose reindeer?
  • Which is better, a Star Wars or Lord of the Ring movie marathon?
  • What is your soundtrack to 2010?
  • When everyone thinks differently at the same time, is it really that different?
  • If you could invent a new holiday what would it be?
  • Which is worst a flake or a fake?
  • Why so serious?
  • What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  • Can you fake authenticity?
  • Is it racist to have a white sale on black Friday?


  • The world is the world’s greatest theme park, go out for a ride.
  • It’s been raining for a week now that everything is soaking wet. I think I need to go to work in a wet suit.
  • There is a reason why the term committed is both used to describe a long term relationship and your state in a insane asylum.
  • People will always have an opinion even when they don’t have a thought.
  • Life is not like a box of chocolate, it’s more like a can of worms.
  • Natural endorphin is a natural gateway drug.
  • My experience and background is broad and multi-trans-dimensional.
  • I’m the CEO of my blog.
  • People make me laugh. people + lol = peoplol.
  • Shift happens.
  • I have a mind altering migraine in the membrane.
  • Embarrass always ends with an ASS.
  • Let a thousand tweets retweet.
  • They see me tweetin, they hatin.
  • The future was here.
  • Three Little Words: I don’t care!
  • Let my people dance!
  • Novelty is not long lasting.
  • Having an out of body OMG moment.
  • I CAN HAZ ZZZZZzzzzz….
  • Space is so random.
  • I love how my hair is styled when I wake up.
  • Sex is the new love.
  • Love is not the cure, it is the disease.
  • There is no ease in dying from a disease.
  • Effort > Excuses
  • Happily ever now!
  • Happily ever after is a lie.
  • Love is straight.


  • OH: A little hazard pay never hurt anybody.
  • OH: my fingers are getting in the way of my typing.
  • OH: That’s a hype thing to do.
  • OH: xmas wrapping paper is so expensive, that is your xmas present.
  • OH: You are so messy you are a mess.
  • OH: All I did was open it and it turned on by itself.


  • Million Dollar Idea: Fortune cookies with ads and coupons instead of pseudo eastern philosophy.
  • Million Dollar Idea: ads on the side of metal detectors, such as stores, airports, etc.
  • Million dollar idea: caffeinated stem cells’ juice.
  • Million dollar idea of the day: BBQ tofu!
  • Million Dollar Idea: Bacon Juice
  • I can’t wait until e-ink can be used in clothes. Can you imagine your t-shirt design changing based on emotional state?
  • I’mma paint the curve in front my house red. I don’t know why my neighbors always parking their jalopy in front my house.

In Da Future

  • In the future, cartoons will deemed pornographic because cartoon character don’t have pants and are often naked.
  • In the future, the FBI will tap your Facebook wall, Foursquare check-ins, Twitter status updates, and Yelp reviews without a search warrant.
  • In the future, a realist will be called a cynic.
  • In the future, all electronic devices will have a secret root user and root kit pre-installed.

All My Wikileaks

There is a saying that states that politics is show business for ugly people. Politicians and bureaucrats are like minor actors in a bad television soap, this has been made transparent with the latest leaks of US embassy cables released by Wikileaks. As you can imagine, the embassy cables have a lot of dirt on third word politicians, despots, and strong men.

The embassy cable leaks describe how China has been caught hacking into Google and other companies. How Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi have a bromance and secret deals going. The US spies on the UN. Saudi Arabia wants to attack Iran via a proxy like the United States or Israel. Hamed Karzai is a motivated by paranoia and cold hard cash. Iran has used the Red Crescent as cover for its agents.

Here is some synopsis of the coverage of the latest wikileaks.

Retweet July 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in July 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Got Gov?

  • Is President Obama’s password to Twitter a state secret?
  • If your government censor it’s censorship policies you might as well rename your country Airstrip Two.
  • I don’t know why the Greek are looking at Germany to bail it out, they should be looking to China.
  • France is so famous of losing battles that they have a national holiday after such an occasion, Cinco de Mayo!
  • More talk leads to more BS, that’s why peace talks don’t get to any resolution.
  • The government invest in smart weapons, smart electrical grids, etc. why doesn’t invest more in smart people?
  • Pot Holes: Your tax dollars at making your vehicle not work!
  • The US was founded by Free Masons on mason principles and ideals.
  • Just like criminals cannot profit from their crimes, so too politicians should be made not to profit from theirs.
  • Here is a revenue generating idea, tax up to 80% of all income made by current and former elected politicians.


  • We may be a nation of many laws but of few jobs.
  • Does the American blue collar worker belong in the anthropology museum?
  • We do not live in a Capitalist society, this is a Creditlist culture.
  • The American Dream + Inception = We Need More Bailouts
  • The Federal Reserve is a misnomer, like military intelligence, it’s neither federal and it doesn’t have any reservations of taking bailouts.
  • The Federal Reserve is like the prison gang of bankers where instead of getting shanked in the shower they get bonuses in the boiler room.
  • Every time you buy a Made in China product, whether it be toys or toothpaste, you have a higher than normal chance you are getting lead too.


  • Just like guns don’t kill people, religion does not murder, pillage, and rapes people, people murder, pillage, and rapes people.
  • News agencies have staff writers, staff photographers, and staff Photoshop illustrators.
  • First, Pluto is stripped of it’s planet status, now the Big Bang might be abandoned as the theory of the foundation of the Universe.
  • For every insurgent the US military days it has killed, it has killed directly/indirectly 4.3 civilians.
  • Give the people bread, not lead!


  • Is President Obama’s password to Twitter a state secret?
  • If you travel to a new country and have fast food, like McDonald’s, have you really traveled at all?
  • If you can’t be positive at the beginning of an adventure how do you think you will be at the end?
  • How can someone who says is good at geography be bad at directions and can’t follow a map to save themselves?
  • Do you like it nice and easy or fast and furious?
  • What drives you? Passion, success, money, fame, family, or the school bus?
  • Have you ever been so hot that even your eyeballs were sweating and that it made you look like you were crying?
  • Why should I not mess with Texas?
  • If you were a doctor what body part would you specialize?
  • Would you rather do something great or be someone great?
  • Which is better, a one trick pony or an old dog you can’t teach new tricks?
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? And, is she with Waldo?
  • Great achievements take great effort, otherwise what’s so great about it?
  • Which do you prefer, tiger roll or bear claw?


  • Old stoners never die, they just get faded.
  • I should be dreaming, I need to go deeper.
  • Stupidity is viral.
  • I am the sum of all my multiple personalities.
  • We are all reality stars.
  • I want to trademark the word copyright and copyright the word trademark.
  • When you tell someone “I love you” there should be an equal emphasis on all words. Some focus on “I” most, others “you”, and some on “you”.
  • I wish world governments would work together to develop a machine to slow the spin of the earth to make more hours in the day!
  • Some people wakeup with the wrong emotional settings marked as default.
  • A real Mexican restaurant has menudo in the menu, otherwise it’s not Mexican.
  • I think it’s retarded to think about banning the word retarded.
  • Best New Excuse: A hacker stole my homework and posted it on Associated Content!
  • Kids are the best except when they are at their worst.
  • There is a class of people that call themselves celebrities but there is nothing about them to celebrate.
  • If you could power your vehicles with the jealousy from haters, we could solve our need of foreign oil.
  • I love digitally, I’m either turned on or turned off.
  • In no country, culture, time, or parallel universe does nagging make things better.
  • Waiting for the future does not make it arrive any faster.
  • Doctors have more meds than they have answers and in the end I think that the meds make you happier.
  • The customer is always right but the customer doesn’t always know what is right, therefore always make the customer feel like he is right.
  • What is wrong is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Beauty doesn’t much care about the beholder.
  • There are a few things that street cred will get you that credit will not.
  • FUD is food for the feeble.
  • Life is short so go long!
  • Life is epic.

Independence Day

  • Happy Birthday, America!!! Let’s go out and celebrate with Chinese made fireworks.
  • Happy 4th and death to the Hessian mercenaries!
  • Be patriotic, think for yourself.
  • God bless America cause we can sure use some Divine help.
  • Happy Fourth: Don’t Tread on ME!

Retweet February 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in February 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Carrie Underwood sounds awful, off key and off tune, sounds like she is yelling. What would Simon say? “Don’t quit your day job.”
  • Super Bowl Sunday is a secular holiday.
  • Colts touchdown!!!
  • Colts touchdown!!! Twitter just down!!!
  • Go Daddy #superbowelads so predictable, they are acted and written like bad pron.
  • For some today is the Super Bowl, for others the Super Bore, but for most the Brand Bowl.
  • Wow. Saints denied. The defensive levees broke.
  • Men’s manlyness is attacked in FloTV and Dodge #superbowelads.
  • Pinball Wizard? What is a pinball? Who are The Who? How about having an act that has had a hit this century?
  • Super Bowl half time show with The When, I mean, The Who… Who are you is a perfect song for them.
  • The Who. WHO DAT?
  • The Who. I would have asked The Why?
  • Saints iTouchdown!!! Now we got a game.
  • Colts score to take the lead. Great drive on the third quarter.
  • Google gag. What a lousy #superbowlad by Google. They should have made an ad addressing their search censorship and privacy issues.
  • Saints TD.
  • Saints Miracle Interception!!! Party on Buorbon St.
  • Mardi Gras in Miami. The Saints go marching on to a Super Bowl championship.


  • The Tea Party is a Democratic National Committee ploy to divide and conquer the Republican Party.
  • It I’d said that the Greeks invented democracy, but maybe that is a Greek mythology.
  • Democracy or capitalism do not even attempt to close the divide between social classes.
  • Obama tries to make a comparison between star athletes’ pay and wall street bonuses, but he forgets we didn’t bailout the MLB or the NFL.
  • The end product of hope is disillusion.

Got Gov?

  • China exports iPods, France exports champagne, Italy exports leather goods, Israel exports Mossad Death Squads.
  • In Israel, winning hearts and mind involves ripping open your heart and blowing your mind, literally.
  • In Israel, political assassinations are part of the peace process.
  • Water boarding: baptism by simulated drowning.
  • We should be able to water board our public officials to answer our concerns.
  • It seems that University of California prefers out of state/foreign students, they should change their name of University of China.
  • The One Government wants to normalize the world’s religion into a single belief.


  • It used to be that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, now the squeaky wheel gets replace.
  • No one ever gets rich by working hard, they get rich by having others working hard for them.
  • Fix it tickets won’t fix the economy.
  • Wall Street bonuses are not a way to retain employees, it is a pay off to keep the the wool over the public’s eyes.


  • The government website might as well be renamed to
  • Ma Zhaoxu, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, said “There are no dissidents in China.” I guess they must have killed them all.
  • Freedom is gained through the bang of revolution and lost through the whimper of torture, oppression, and tyranny in the name of the homeland.
  • In the future, we will have vaccines for boredom.
  • Curing people of illness and disease is not a profitable and sustainable business model for pharmaceuticals.


  • No. 2 Pencil: Instead of learning how to think, students tend to learn how to remember factoids.
  • Multiple Choice: Instead of learning the material, students tend to learn how to guess.
  • Tiger Woods saying “Elin never hit me that night or any other night” is as true as Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have relations with that woman.
  • Tiger Woods sounded like a robot reading his prepared and rehearsed public apology, he probably does it like a robot too.
  • Tiger Woods wants to change his name to escape all the attention, he is considering Tiger Morningwood.
  • Every single scientific innovation has brought us that much closer to complete and total annihilation.
  • There is a thin line between suck and blow.
  • Forget 49ers and 76ers, I’m a 69er!
  • Sour grapes make bad wine.
  • Working on the menial, thinking of the grandeur, dreaming of the eternal.
  • When people say they are looking forward to making $$, they really mean looking forward to spending $$.
  • There are some parks that walking at night is not a walk on the park.
  • I need someone thinking on their toes rather than standing on their head.
  • Opportunities are magnetized, you should not fight their polarity.
  • Getting mad is like taking one step back.
  • Do you earn, find, or hustle success? I bend, flatten, and distribute success.
  • What you think and what you know are not the same thing.
  • The universe is flexible, so much so that it routinely bends light, time, and space.
  • Reality is relative.
  • Nature favors survivors.
  • Positivity is it’s own reward.
  • People are often reactionary, and usually to other people.
  • crazy idea + watershed moment + great effort = breakthrough
  • Time adds up to more than just a period of time.
  • Let time be your ally, don’t fight against time, .
  • Being too early is just as bad, if not worse, as being too late.
  • Marriage makes a men mediocre.
  • Your marriage vowels should not include legalese.
  • The reason you can’t buy love is because people want to haggle like they are buying a car.
  • The roar of a dandy lion is a whisper in the wind.
  • Not all questions are meant to be answered, some are meant to be reflected upon.
  • What is unobtainable is no reason to stop trying.
  • People say stupid things but what is really stupid is to accept what people day without consideration.
  • Next to smoking crack nothing kills more brain cells than going shopping.
  • For some bitching is living.
  • Feelings are not based on facts.


  • OH: John Mayer is so bluesy for someone so pale.
  • OH: you a fake ass bitch, fake as gold plates jewelry, fake as cubic zirconium, fake as $20 rolex, fake as imitation crab meat, …
  • OH: I’m the DJ to your soundtrack.

Retweet January 2010

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in January 2010. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Obama can’t claim transparency if key questions are off limits.
  • I think the Apple iPad announcement got more press than Obama’s State of the Union.

Got Gov?

  • In the future we will vote by texting the candidate of our choice to 90GOV.
  • Which is the most secretive, the CIA or the FED?
  • Large corporations such as Google have a foreign policy, they should openly hire a VP of State.
  • Some cities have more traffic cameras than they do stop sings.
  • The US government will install Wyclef Jean as dictator of Haiti.
  • Haiti Donations: Tiger Woods $3 (Million), Gisele $1.5, Sandra Bullock $1, Brangelina $1, and the whole of China $1 and lead laden toys and toxic toothpaste
  • Your government does not want you to think since most government officials don’t.


  • A bridge tolls are a racket.
  • If you build it, they will tax it.
  • Greed precedes the downfall of civilizations.
  • The fast, easy, simple way to make money: get a job.


  • Haiti is the new New Orleans.
  • Power to the politicians, bailout to the bankers!
  • I am going to write a new childrens book: The ABCs of the CIA
  • National security is a false religion.


  • If Governor Schwarzenegger’s tenure was a movie what genre would it be, horror, sci-fi, thriller, or gore flick?
  • If Jesus was born today would he be a carpenter? Chef? Programmer? I know a guy named Jesus and he is a gardener who sends money to Mexico.
  • Which is worse, terrorist or TSA thugs?
  • Does national security trump civil rights, constitutional law, and international treaties?
  • What would you pay for freedom? Can you put it on lay away?
  • What do you call an optimal optimist? Optimist Prime?
  • A pessimist is someone that sees the glass half empty, what do you call someone that sees it 3/4 empty?
  • Are you a paper chaser or a paper pusher?
  • Why is it that fast food is the slowest to digest?
  • Are you proactive or reactive?
  • Are you dependent, independent, or interdependent of others?


  • Power to the Party People.
  • It’s been raining for four days and four nights, that’s like 10% of a perfect storm of biblical proportion.
  • Not sure if I should take my car or jet ski to work today. Part of the freeway have flooded after two days of rain.
  • Just how stores have a line for 15 items or less, they should have another line when you have 15 coupons or more.
  • If ignorance is bliss, then stupidity must be enlightenment.
  • The truth should fear no question and no question should fear any answer.
  • Life experiences can not be made more efficient, otherwise you mis the point.
  • In the future everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, and every company will have their own branded smart phone device.
  • Your happiness should not depend on other people’s decisions.
  • Love is not a strategy.
  • Show love, not hurt!!
  • Love is a fame monster.
  • Dreams for sale. Like new. Never achieved.
  • I nominate “I’m bluffing with my muffin” as the motto/tagline for 2009.
  • I am waking unofficial autobiography for self.


  • There should be Freedom of Information Act for corporations. I want to know everything that Google knows about me and how that info is used