TSA USA Grope Fest

Instead of a link fest, a collection of links on a given topic, I decided to do a grope fest in honor of the intrusive new procedures enforced by the TSA. Apparently, as many Americans have come to find out, TSA stands for TSA Sexual Assault. When running for president, then presidential candidate Obama ran on a platform of hope. Now, two years into his presidency, American hope has transformed to grope. You give up all constitutional rights when you give up your genitalia to government officials to be frisked and handled, because by then the government has you by the balls! I don’t know about you, but there is a no fly zone in my pants so government official keep you hands to yourself. Talk about the overreach hand of government.

TSA Grope Checkpoint

TSA Grope Checkpoint

False Freedom and Security Theater

In the United States, people have an ideal of freedom which sadly is outdated and has not been practiced for generations. The false freedom now in place in the United States has been made evident by the use of naked body scanners and evasive pat downs. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of Homeland Security have usurped constitutional rights from its citizens. Without probable cause and without a search warrant undeputized TSA security officers, which amounts to little more than security guards, execute evasive searches known as pat down and employ pornographic ‘advanced imagining technology’ to scan the naked body of passenger, where they be young children, underage teens, elderly folks. There are so many problems with the approach the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security has taken to security in the airport that it’s had to to know where to start.

First and foremost, it the new procedures don’t work and will be proven to fail. I remember like it was yesterday, when I woke up in to what I thought was another day that infamous September 11. I turned on the television to get an update on the traffic flow and the weather before I headed out to work. By the time I turned on the television the first plan had already hit the first tower. It felt surreal, like a movie, the matrix. By the time the second plane hit the second tower, I knew everything I needed to know, I knew the what were the weakness of our security. Likewise, when I see the use of scare tactics as security and humiliating and dehumanizing use of pat downs and pornographic imaging technology it is evidently clear our security weaknesses. For instance, there is materials that can fools backscatter x-ray machine.

A second concern is that the government has not release or made available any information on the amount of radiation emitted by the backscatter x-ray machines. The naked body scanners are basically radiating passengers, including small children. I mean to accuse the government of a conspiracy, but the government has in the past approved the use procedures, methods, and chemicals that later where found to be harmful. For example, a lot of military service men and women have suffered from asbestos, a carcinogen material.

Another huge civil liberties issue with how the TSA is employing its current security measures is that use of non-police officers to conduct unconstitutional searches. Essentially, the TSA is conducting unconstitutional searches on would be travelers. No matter what the TSA posts on it’s website, the act of buying a plane ticket does not remove the rights and liberties guaranteed in the constitution. To justify their use of full body scanners and groping the private areas of men, women, and children the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security point to their website. Never mind that the information in their website has been found to be incorrect and out of date, they have usurped your sovereign rights guaranteed by the constitutions, and conduct thousands of illegal search on the public.

The extensive groping of the genital area of men, women, and children and the use of pornography x-ray imaging technology amounts of sexual harassment. If a police officer were to pull you for speeding or another infraction he would not have the legal authority to search you without probably cause, and certainly he would not have the right to search you in your privates and all those in your vehicle including toddlers and underage children. If the police officer does not have such authority why has the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security usurped such authority.

The TSA has been caught in a lie and presumably has lied about other facts regarding the naked bod scanner. The TSA has used spokesperson to state that the porn scanners don’t have the ability to save, print, or export the images. But this has been proven inaccurate. The TSA’s own requirement specifications state that these machines have the ability to print, save, and export images of passenger in a high bandwidth network. If that is not enough, there is little from stopping a TSA agent from using a cell camera of flip camcorder to record whatever images are displayed from the screen. I hate to say it but it seems that those perceived as terrorist might have more common sense and creativity than those entrusted with our security.

While the United States conducts it’s security theater the real threat and feeds American’s a false sense of security and false freedom, the real threat to America goes without notice. One 9-11 a group of towers collapses and non have been built since. During that same time, China has built a 1-million plus city each year. The real nation security threat is not the enemy can will demolish one or two buildings, the the one that can build one in six days. That is our real security threat, the inability to compete at a international level. At this point, the only industry where we lead the world is the military industrial complex.