President Obama’s True Identity

I don’t speak Arabic or have have any training in the language beyond what is in popular culture and media. One thing I know is that Arabic is spoken across most of North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and Syria amongst others countries in the Middle East. But Arabic has influenced and infused with other languages such as Farsi and Urdu. Another reality is that Western languages have difficulties and inconsistencies westernizing Arabic words. For example, if you have been keeping up with the civil war in Libya you would have noticed that there are about five or six different spellings for Muammar Gaddafi. In some articles he is Gaddafi, Ghaddafi, Qaddaffi, Kadafi, Laffy Kadaffy, etc. The Christian Science Monitor delved into the correct spelling of the name of the Libyan leader. Another similar example is the name Muhammad. By some estimates, the name Muhammad is the fasting growing boys name in popularity. I know of at least four or five different spellings of Muhammad, such as Muhamed, Mahomet, and Mohamed.

When growing up President Barack Obama actually adopted a western name to be identified. For years he was known as Barry instead of Barack. If you research the name Barack, the name is a variation of the Arabic word Baraka, which can be translated to “blessed one.” In fact, Mubarak is another form of Barack or Baraka. President Obama full name is Barack Hussein Obama II, well at least that is what Americans believe is his full legal name. His actual birth name is unknown because he and his administration have keep his birth certificate under lock and key which most Americans can conclude he is hiding aspects of his true identity.

There is no denying that his name is Arabic and that his father was a Kenyan Muslim. Now a letter written by Gadaffi to President Obama has surfaced where Gaddaffi addresses the president as “Our dear son, Excellency, Baraka Hussein Abu oumama.” Could this be President Obama’s true name? President Baraka Hussein Abu oumama II. Is Baraka Hussein Abu oumama the name on President Obama’s real birth certificate?