Iran–Contra Affair II

The US government is alleging that two Iranian agents trained by Mossad with Soviet era weapons released under Project Gunrunner approved by AG Holder contracted out the Mexican drug cartel to laundered money with Chinese backing hatched a plot at band camp to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US and blame it on the Occupy Wall Street organizers by releasing CIA false flag documentation on WikiLeaks and seducing Julian Assange with a goat. I think I’ll wait for the Tom Clancy book to be turned into a video game after the release of the blockbuster movie of said book wins the Oscars for best Security Theater award.

Favorite Tweets December 2010

There are some funny people on Twitter. Whenever I find a funny, witty, or thought provoking I usually retweet it and favorite it. Here is a small collection of recent tweets that stoop out to me.

  • @markos: Obama said the country was founded on compromise? What was that, the Revolutionary Compromise?
  • @5tevenw: The best gift you can give is a hug: 1 size fits all and nobody ever minds if you return it!!
  • @af: Best iPhone signature I’ve ever seen: “this msg is shrt bcuz it was sent frm my stupid iphone 4g which I hate but feel the need 2 have.”
  • @DamnItsTrue: Menstruation, menopause, mental breakdowns -> most women’s problems begin with men.
  • @bazecraze: Mom asked me today how to sign up for Twitter. So I told her it was $12.99 a month. Crisis averted.
  • @danmartell: “Money grows on the tree of persistence” Japanese Proverb
  • @swedal: Do people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water know that spelling it backwards is Naive?
  • @Ictericia: La ciudad es una composición de ventanas.
  • @youloveB: Love my women with high heels & high standards
  • @renogood: Demi’s in rehab, Miley’s smoking salvia, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens have split. Disney has more drama than Jersey Shore.
  • @techknow: I am an idea artist, making you think is my master piece.
  • @dianadiggity: Take a shower, your attitude stinks.
  • @OmgAnnalie: As soon as I stop wanting something, I get it. What’s the point of that?
  • @PF_TELLUGLYLIES: only time will tell how long i can wait
  • @melizeche: If Assange was in China doing the same thing, the West would have called him a dissident and given him a Nobel prize #freeassange
  • @512: I wish I could Ctrl+Alt+Delete out of everything.
  • @Askmeifigaf: Whats the difference between gorgeous, beautiful and sexy?
  • @davepell: Groupon seems to be the one company in their universe NOT willing to take a discount.
  • @bobmcwhirter: I’m now corporately ethical and compliant. I have the certificates to prove it. I’d show them to you, but they’re trade secrets.
  • @MissElleCee: Just received a 6 page email from my sister with our NYE itinerary. Hopefully I will be drunk for pages 2-6 #nutjob
  • @BrettGreene: Best. Relationship Status. Ever. Just read: “I’m in a relationship w/ Facebook …and it’s complicated.”
  • @shwood: The most disquieting aspect of the Kinect occurs at 30 seconds after booting, when it looks up and down to size you up. #HAL9000
  • @lowhanyew: More contentment; less resentment.
  • @trinitysaij: Nothing says Xmas more than a star wars marathon on spike tv
  • @shauninman: Video Skyping with in-laws is a comedy of computer errors.
  • @jacksonh: Damn, was hoping santa would do the dishes.
  • @RaiselM: Sweden celebrates Christmas on the 24th. They need the extra day to assemble their gifts from IKEA.
  • @jdickerson: State of Union address will be after visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao. Makes sense: give annual report after meeting with top investor.
  • @wilshipley: Dear HP: Printing to one of your stupid printers shouldn’t involve you installing new fucking kernel drivers.
  • @noreaga: Most people forget that they are forgetful

Self Serving Censorship in the Media

Two things happened this week that speaks volumes of the double standards and double talk of the press and how they function to spread FUD in the populace as an instrument of the Ministry of Misinformation. The first revelation was the firing of Juan Williams by NPR. Juan Williams was a long time correspondent and news analyst a the NPR was fired after he appeared on the Fox News television show The O’Reilly Factor when he spoke about his views about Muslims who wear middle eastern clothing. In particular the soundbite used by all news outlets is the following, “I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried.” He said a lot more than just that, this one quote was pulled out from larger discussion about how America is not at war with Islam or Muslims, but neither side listens to the context, just the out of context blurb about some garb. The firing of Juan Williams comes less than a month after Shirley Sherrod from the USDA by the administration when a video of her came out that took a speech where she admitted that at one point she had racist attitudes towards a white farmer. Shirley was speaking to an all black audience about something that happened years prior, and she was the whole context of her speech was about how she herself overcame those racist tendencies against. The political correctness police is just as bad as the secret police in making examples of those that honestly speak their mind.

The other event that shed light into the incompetence of the news media is the wikileaks release nearly 400,000 documents. Let me be clear and first state that by no mean would I ever want any service men or women to be harmed by the release of these documents. That being said, they are fighting in Iraq for transparency and democracy and to keep the American people in the dark of what is happening in Iraq is a disservice to those serving there. If this was 1970 and these document were housed in some closet in the Watergate hotel and if Julian Assange worked for the The Washington Post he might have won the Pulitzer Price for uncovering the truth in Iraq. Even with journalists embedded with the military, the news media is blind or turning the other way to keep the American population misinformed