Welcome to World War III

Do not be fooled, there is no such thing as an Arab Spring. The popular uprising that sprang across the Arab world was not an organic movement, it was a covert operation intelligence-lead movement. There was a time that the US government backed military juntas, coup detats, even political assassinations by arming, bribing, and influencing key generals and would be dictators by any means necessary. Since 9/11 there has been a three prong approach to the Middle East. The first prong has been direct military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. The second has been a covert movement to stir the populace to overthrown their governments, such as was the case in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and soon well see in Syria, and Iran. The last approach has been the 1984-style fear mongering and network news propaganda by the government. Whether you like it or not, this is World War III: The Arab Spring.

As far as most Americans understand, the United States is only involved in two distinct and indirect war theaters, Iraq and Afghanistan. But reality is that there is that the United States is involved in a World Wide War with overt and covert operations in counties such as Syria, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran,just to name the obvious ones. The United States has been involved in air strikes, drone attacks, extraction missions, commando raids, etc. in pretty much the whole region for the past ten years. This is, by far, our longest war in history. My biggest fear is that when we finish water boarding and droning tribal leaders in other countries where a man’s wealth is measured in goats these same tools and tactics will be used on student leaders here at home were we have no goats and wealth.

The sun never sets on American military institutions, forward operating bases, and rotational deployment centers.