COVID-19 and China

There is little question that COVID-19 originated in China, where it made its first appearance in Wuhan, China in mid-November 2019. By mid-February 2020, it had spread worldwide with tens of thousands of confirmed cases in China, Italy, Spain, and Iran. By mid-March, thousands had already died. Now, in mid-April there are about 2.5 million confirmed cases and 165 thousand dead. Across the world, governments enacted shelter in place ordinance for everyone except essential workers, like police, doctors, nurses, and grocery store baggers. Who knew that a grocery store bagger, a job that barely requires a GED, would be an essential worker?

There have been plenty of questions about the transparency of the Chinese government about the spread and death toll of COVID-19. There was mounting pressure and belief that Chinese statistics about COVID-19 cases was significantly undercounted, so much so that China has revised and doubled the official number of confirmed cases and deaths. Experts still believe that these number are low, given China’s population density in the region.

And now, in the midst of a the worst economic shutdown in modern history some people, including politicians, are beginning to question and believe that COVID-19 was engineered and subsequently escaped a research lab in Wuhan, China. If China covered up the infection rate and death toll of COVID-19, it would certainly cover up if in fact it originated in a research lab there. All we can do is continue to shelter in place while keeping social distancing, and wait for our stimulus check.

China Coronavirus Flag, Jyllands-Posten, Niels Bo Bojesen
China Corona Virus Flag, Jyllands-Posten, Niels Bo Bojesen