Arming the Rebels in Syria

You can’t look at the unverified and amateur video clips of Syrian rebels and say that they are not being armed and trained by foreign intelligence services such as the CIA. The CIA has a long history of arming, training, and installing puppet governments in the Middle East. The Syrian rebels are being armed, most likely by Saudi Arabia and the United States via Turkey. The Syrian rebels are using tactics of a well trained militia and an arsenal that includes rocket propel rockets.
There are a large number of parties interested in gaining an upper hand in Syria, of course the United States gains another piece to their collection of Middle Eastern countries that they control. Turkey has a few land disputes with Syria and has aspirations of being a regional power. Turkey also benefits by having access and suppressing the Kurds in all sides of the border. Israel is just betting on any change in Syria.
The problem with the Middle East, as proven by the recent victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, is that you are always replacing one tyrant dictator with another. In the Middle East, within a lifetime you arm and train those that you are inevitably going to fight.

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