Retweet April 2012

In this post I’ll be reblogging some retweets from the past month broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events such as the upcoming general election as well as the continuing military droning in the Middle East. Follow the conversation at xwoop and lolprez.


  • Obama is a better campaigner than he is as a president.
  • O.B.A.M.A: One Big Awful Mistake America
  • Obama paid 20.5% of his income in income taxes. Why doesn’t he pay his fair share?
  • Under the Obama administration the GSA is partying it up in Vegas, Secret Service paying (or not paying) or hooker in Colombia, what else?

Got Gov?

  • The most corrupt organization in the world must be the police.
  • American foreign policy is established, enforced, and powered by cash, hookers, and coke.
  • All laws are Trojan horses that erode and reduce and limit our freedoms, liberties, and unalienable rights.
  • Citizenship is only for those that agree with the executive branch, all else are deemed enemy combatants.
  • The Presidential Rule: the longer a president is in office, the corruptible he becomes.

War Racket

  • The general public loves to forget the atrocities of war, but military leaders love to learn from them.
  • The holocaust was not the first holocaust, and it wasn’t the last holocaust in history.
  • All wars are civil wars, because we are all the same people just made to fear each other.
  • Civil War is an oxymoron and belligerents are just morons.


  • I think we are well beyond peak sushi!
  • My heartbeat is my workout.
  • Ideas are free but originality will cost you!
  • The one truth is that there is no one true universal truth.
  • Here is a new drink I made up: teen angst = 2/3 hand sanitizer, 1/3 orange juice, rim the glass with bath salts


  • Style or swag?
  • What do you do when you are bullied by your teacher?
  • How cool is the average person?
  • Who wouldn’t love paid administrative leave?
  • How do climate change shills explain Anchorage, AK setting a new snowfall record? #global #warming #warmmonger


  • OH: If you talking to yourself keep it to yourself.
  • OH: So my idea was brilliant, but only for a minute.
  • OH: I’m so sick of people that complain all day.
  • OH: What language do people speak here nowadays?
  • OH: Don’t worry about people that don’t matter.
  • OH: You, me, and your period have gone through a lot.


  • Busy != Productive
  • Execution > Idea
  • Logic and Reason != Law and Order
  • Democratic Party = Bureaucratic Party
  • State Rights > Federal Rights
  • Climate != Weather
  • Be interested > Be Interesting
  • Troubleshooter > Troublemaker
  • Personality != Persona

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