The Federal Government Under the Obama Administration

There will never be a saint or prophet elected to the office of the President of the United States. Every president and his administration has had their fair share of secrets and scandals. But that said, I’ve never seen so many scandals surrounding one term of one president. Under the Obama Administration the following has occurred.

  • The highest levels of the Department of Justice allow guns to cross into Mexico.
  • The military uses drone strikes to execute American citizens without due process.
  • The General Services Administration spends nearly $1 million dollars for a retreat in Las Vegas.
  • The Secret Service and the State Department are implicated in a hooker scandal in Colombian and Brazil.

You have to believe that all of the above are not an isolated cases and that it is just the tip of a political iceberg.

Favorite Tumblr Blogs 2012

I know Pinterest has all the hype these days, but I think Tumblr has a real strong community and platform. I follow all sort of creative tumblr blogs but here are some of my favorite ones.

Outsourcing American Farms

If you want to go catch the illegal aliens, I’m sorry undocumented workers, on harvest season go swoop in to pick them up. … If the labor force is undocumented, I think there are a lot of people who would want to go and work there. There are a lot of people unemployed in California.
– Adam Curry, No Agenda Show, Episode 403

Adam Curry, who moved out of California and asks for donations online, instead of working farm jobs complains of others who do. Lets be clear, these jobs are migrant temporary jobs that usually paid in such a structure that the hourly rate comes out to sub-minimum wage. Adam Curry is not going to pick strawberries in California fields, and few other Californians are going to do so. Most Californians are all developing the next $1 billion startup or big television production deal. So if Adam Curry and other Californians are not going to harvest the crops then let others do so. If we can’t get migrant farm workers to come work on American farms, American farms will just shut down and that production will move out of the country.

Farm owners don’t necessary care who picks the fruits and vegetables off their land, they just care that they have a good harvest. American farmers care if they can afford to stay in business, if they can find the necessary workers, if they have access to water, and if they are going to be priced out or regulated out of business by the EPA.

American farms are under threat of extinction, just as American manufacturing has been mostly outsourced, so will American farms. We’ve lost so much ground on American manufacturing that the San Francisco Bay Bridge, a multi-billion dollar project, is largely constructed in China, transported on site in pieces, and assembled in place. If the Golden Gate was to be rebuilt today, it would be like any Apple product, designed in California, made in China. A project like the Bay Bridge generates more wealth and more jobs in China than it does in California.

American farms will go the way of American manufacturing. Go to your local grocery story, walk the produce aisle, and you will see that half the fruits and vegetables come from outside the country. You’ll see all sorts of produce from Mexico, Central America, South American, and even Southeast Asia. In the years to come, you’ll see more of this trend because American farms are being squeezed out by regulation, access to water, farm labor, and other costs to that point that most farms will simply be outsourced.

Debt University

When the president says “making college more affordable” he really means making college loans more accessible. Unless, the president nationalizes all colleges and universities he can’t really make college affordable. Even state colleges are working in a tight budget that they routinely increase tuition costs and prefer out of state students because foreign students have better profit margins and tend to protest less than local students. In addition to tuition, college is made more expensive with the price of college edition textbooks. The textbook industry is run by an oligarchy of publishers that love to price their books as much as the class itself, it is common for books to be priced over $100 each. The textbook industry colludes with faculty so that each semester there is a new revision of a title and the course material and problem sets only works with a specific revision of the textbook. To add insult to injury of high price of education, there are few high paying jobs.

American Censorship

You will be hard press to find someone in the United States that won’t list the freedom of speech as a fundamental enjoyed by Americans. Unfortunately, in the United States we don’t enjoy the benefits of true freedom of speech. Speech is regulated and restricted in a variety of ways, there is a large and growing things that you can say, or at best shouldn’t say online. But aside from secret federal laws, there is another prevalent form of American censorship that often takes the form of public boycotts.

A good example of modern day American censorship is the case of Miami Marlins coach Ozzie Guillen who was suspended five games for something he said in an interview. He didn’t say any words out of spite or anger or malice, he simply stated his opinion. Unfortunately for Mr. Guillen, his opinion went against that of most people in Miami. In an interview with Time magazine, Guillen is reported as saying that he respects Fidel Castro for staying in power throughout the years in spite of those that want him deposed.

Only in America do you have a dichotomy of having the freedom of speech and yet not being able to say things like the N-word. And now, you can’t use the F-word, J-word, R-word, S-word, and a whole lot of words. You can’t say anything nice about Fidel Castro, or Adolf Hitler. Even saying that Castro has a cool beard and Hitler had a nice mustache will get you a wide range of backlash, especially if you are a public figure.

I know that someone is already taking what I saying out of context, so let me be clear. I am not saying that I like Castro’s beard or policy and by no means am I saying anything nice about Hitler or Stalin or Mao. I am just saying that it is sad that in a country that spent so much in fighting against the oppression that these dictators and tyrants represented we ourselves suppress and censor people for having ideas different than the norm. Worse than Fidel, more horrendous that Hitler, more atrocious than Stalin is group think.

Retweet March 2012

In this post I’ll be reblogging some retweets from the past month broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events such as the Fluke contraception controversy as well as the continuing military droning in the Middle East. Follow the conversation at xwoop and lolprez.


  • ObamaCare proves that Obama don’t care.
  • The Hunger Games? Sounds like a new Obama economic policy.
  • OH: I can’t believe there is a whole wikipedia page on Bo Obama… And there is a lot written on him.
  • One thing I learned about President Obama, he doesn’t like to pull out if he doesn’t have to. #afghanistan

Got Gov?

  • The US is not a police state, it’s a prison state.
  • By status quo, for the status quo.


  • The United States does not have true allies, it only has puppets and muppets.
  • Don’t trust the man, or the woman behind the man, of the corporation behind the man, of the money behind the man…
  • Bill Clinton, apparently went from being president of the US to a registered lobbyist for an oil company. #shill #lobbyist
  • Doing business in China is doing business with the devil.
  • You can’t spell Romney without MONEY.


  • When it comes to R&D and IP, China is the Borg. China want to assimilate and integrate western IP into their state run corporations.
  • Capitalism does not mean fleecing.
  • With modern construction methods, there is no reason why people are still homeless.


  • I wonder if the people behind Kony 2012 would make a documentary about King Leopold II of Belgium 2012. #historical #warcriminal
  • War is business as usual.
  • History is bound to repeat itself because people have such bad memory!
  • Unless you encrypt your data assume someone can and will access it, read it, monitor it, use it…
  • Open Secret, No Surprise: All large scale communication services, such as Skype and GMail, have backdoors.
  • If some one else loses it, it’s not your job to find it for them.
  • 2012 is the new 1984.

In Da Future

  • In the future, it will be illegal to feed the hungry.
  • In the future, TomTom will be an insurance company.
  • In the future, presidents will receive the medal of peace their first year of presidency and trial for war criminal trial their last.
  • In the future, Facebook Credits will be legal tender.
  • In the future, everyone wi have 15 minutes of fame and a New York Times best selling book.
  • In the future, every human experience will be shared in a social network.

Fluke Contraception

  • The argument whether Sandra Fluke is a slut or that religious institutions should pay for your life of sin is all wrong.
  • President Obama called Sandra Fluke to console her for being a slut, and see what she is doing Saturday night.
  • Q: Will Sandra Fluke wear white at her wedding? A: Only if the government forces the church she is getting married to pay for it.
  • As the right argues with the left about who should pay for the dinner/sex/contraception on a date, big pharma is cashing in record sales.
  • There is no reason why contraception should be expensive, no reason why you should need insurance for it, it should be free with every drink.
  • Contraceptions have been used for over 4 thousand years, are well understood, and cheap to make that we should not be having this debate.
  • Being a slut is no fluke.