If Government Agencies Where Publicly Traded

Like in baseball, there are a lot of stats you can use to analyze the financial standing of a company. One indicator I look to when understanding the performance of a company is the revenue per employee. Google, Facebook, and Apple have one of the largest revenue per employee ration out there. For example, Google has a revenue per employee ratio of $1,201,680. Per employee, Google makes more than one million dollar. It is a shame that the US government and it’s many departments and agencies are not held to the same financial standards as publicly traded companies. Year after year, we see government spending and borrowing go through the roof no matter how the economy is for the general public. Using something like the revenue per employee, better yet annual budget per employee, how much does it cost us to maintain government servants.

It is reported that in 2010 the Department of Justice employed 111,993 people with an annual budget of $27 billion. So the cost per employee for each of the over 100,000 employees at the Department of Justice is around $241,000. Although this number is not the take home salary of each of the Department of Justice employees, this is what it costs for the American people to employe them on average.

Another good number used to compare companies is the overall head count. Google employees over 29,000 employees while the Department of Justice has 111,993 on staff, using 2010 numbers.

If the Department of Justice was a publicly traded corporation it would be be considered a bad investment.

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