Operation Fast and Furious and the Covert War to Destabilize Mexico

At the same time that Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico, was cracking down on the drug cartels the US was funneling high powered long guns into Mexico under Operation Fast and Furious. Since 2006, when Operation Fast and Furious as part of Project Gunrunner operated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the violence as part of the drug war escalated to new heights. Since 2006, it has been common place in Mexico the murder and execution of everyday citizens, brazen attacks on public officials, and the rise of drug cartels. Conservative estimates claim at least 1,400 guns walked into Mexico as part of the operation and as of date at least 179 crime scenes in Mexico involved Fast and Furious weapons. Mexico will suffer the consequence of Operation Fast and Furious for years to come, easily another 1,000 crime scenes involving Fast and Furious weapons await the citizens of Mexico.

Some of the guns allowed to cross into Mexico have been known and traced to the murder of two federal agents, US Border Patrol Brian Terry and US ICE agent Jaime Zapata. Fast and Furious guns have also been used to shot down police helicopters in Mexico and have been traced to other crime scenes.

In the history of sting operations, Operation Fast and Furious has to be the most idiotic idea ever. It is such a stupid idea, and yet no US official has been punished, reprimanded, or fired that I can’t but think that this was set forth on purpose. The United States has a long history of covert gun running to aid it’s long term geo-political goals that it does not surprise anyone that Operation Fast and Furious was approved by the upper echelon of the US government. It is no secret that the United States government for the past 100 years has had a number or classified and secret plans to occupy and invade Mexico, see United States Color Code War Plans. Over the last few years, certain circles in the government have proposed a total invasion of Mexico in the name of regional security.

The United States has invaded Mexico in the past in the name of regional and economic interest as recent as 1916 as part of the Mexican Expedition. In 2008, the U.S. Joint Forces Command released the Joint Operating Environment, 2008 which compared Mexico to Pakistan because of it’s rise in violence. We now know that the United States was involved in gun running operations during this time, which is in large part to the rise in violence. Clearly, the United States is part of the problem as it is the source of the problem. The United States is the supply and the demand of the drug trade, it supplies guns and while it clearly is the largest consumer of drugs.

The time of events and facts that have been revealed are clear, at the same time that the Mexican president cracked down on drug cartels in Mexico, the ATF was allowing high powered weapons to walk into Mexico which lead to an increase of violence, and the American military officials were planning a possible invasion of Mexico if such violence escalated.

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