Pride and Prejudice

While Obama was delivering his speech at the British Parliament in the United Kingdom, I stumble upon these overly apologetic and hubris tweets by LeVar Burton, better known as the blind guy in Star Trek The Next Generation.

  • I am SO proud of my President in this moment!!! #statesman #worldleader #blackman
  • Historic speech before both Houses of Commons in UK… and he’s killin’ it! RT @macguyinnc Could you clarify as to why?
  • For those who have questioned my comment… I am proud not only because Obama is a black man, but because I am too!!!

As a Buddhist and a scholar, and I know that such hubris, attachment, and blind allegiance to someone based on color, religion, ethnicity has been at the heart of genocide, war, and discrimination. My natural response to blind partisanship is satire and so I tweeted the following.

  • @levarburton I thought you were proud because you are Obama’s mom.
  • @levarburton are you also proud of African despots, dictators, and tyrants?
  • @levarburton I am proud not only because Obama is a rich elitist working for corporate America, but because I am too!!!

Now interestingly enough, the comments made by LeVar Burton came less than a week of an interview on 60 Minutes with Al Sharpton who said outright that he and his National Action Network are not critical of President Obama, as he has been with ever other president, because of color of the President.

I don’t judge the President by the color of his skin but by whether or not he has keep his campaign promises. President Obama promised to get our troops out of Iraq, to close down Gitmo, and fix the broken economy and yet we still have troops in Iraq, prisoners in Gitmo, and Goldman Sachs running Wall Street.

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