The Ghetto Guru

Twitter has brought the nuttiness out of the woodwork from celebrities. Part of the problem is that celebrities are not authentic when using Twitter, or they are just crazy. People know when a celebrity is not one hundred or real, even in a 140 character tweet. For example, if you rap about drug dealing but tweet about vitamin water it is clear that you ain’t a thug but a corporate shill. Case in point is Russell Simmons, the Ghetto Guru. Russell Simmons, or @UncleRUSH on Twitter, co-founded DefJam Records, is said to be the riches man in Hip-Hop, was peripheral to epic rap battles and all he tweets about is a mix of quotes from the Bhagavad Gita and self help mumbo jumbo. Without a doubt what he has done in the with Def Jam and Phat Farm is inspirational, but his tweets are not inspirational if they make him sound like a fake ass Ghetto Guru. To be honest, most of his audience and followers (except his eleet friends) don’t know what the hell the Bhagavad Gita is.

When people from the hood say to you “don’t ever change” this is what they mean, don’t be a Rusell Simmons.

Here are a few select tweets from the @UncleRUSH twitter account as of May 19.

  • “There is no joy in small thinking.” Maharishi
  • Don’t be small be expansive, Give for the sake of giving..
  • “Operate from abundance”Neediness pushes away your blessings and is the cause of all suffering
  • You get what u give .. But u don’t have to reap where u sew.
  • “You have contoll over the action alone, but never the fruit”. Krishna Bhagavad-Gita
  • Consistent Good karmic work, daily yoga and daily meditation are some good suggestions given from the Masters
  • Inner peace does not come as a whim.. Just as one push will not create muscles.
  • Today practice loving everyone and everything (enemies&struggle included) but hang w/people and in places that uplift u
  • Another day… Another chance to make things right
  • Things turn out the best for those who do the best with how things turn out..

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