For over two days, the top news item from network news to algorithm powered Google News has been, wait for it, Osama’s porn stash. I can’t believe that elite secret US commandos kill the world’s most wanted criminal, reportedly kill him unarmed and possibly by shooting him from behind the head, dump his body in the ocean probably with a set of cement shoes, captured a ‘treasure trove’ of material such as notebooks and hard drives, and all that is released by the government is that Osama had some secret porn stash. Osama is was a grown man who took credit for the deaths of thousands, I honestly don’t care about the guys sexual fantasies.

Here is a list of disinformation and psyops from the CIA I don’t care to see in my morning news about Osama bin Laden.

  • That Osama eat kittens for breakfast.
  • That Osama didn’t pay taxes.
  • That Osama didn’t have Wifi.
  • That Osama didn’t live It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • That Osama put out a fatwa on Lady Gaga.
  • That Osama wants people to “leave Britney alone.”
  • That Osama hates the Teletubies.
  • That Osama is a Lakers fan.

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