Peak Price of Oil

In the span of about 10 years, the price of gas has increased by over %400. The lowest price of a gallon of gas I remember paying was about $1.15. If this trend is to continue, by 2020 one gallon of gas at the pump will cost between $16-$20. I filled up my car earlier in the week and paid about $4.20/gallon which totaled over $60 to fill my tank up. I project we will be paying at or about $5 by the end of the year. Even at $5 there will be little protests at these prices, simply because everybody is already trying to juggle mortgage, credit, poor job options, poor pay, higher taxes, tolls, and fees from just about ever local, state, and federal agency. Simple put, people are in economic limbo. Gas prices are inverse limbo line, how high will they go?

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