Holidays From the Future

You may be familiar with US federal holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, etc. In the near future the federal government will add new days to the calendar to commemorate future memorable events.

  • Happy Valuable Human Resource Appreciation Day – Every company has a Human Resource department and a new holiday will commemorate people for what they are, a corporate human resource. Valuable Human Resource Appreciation Day is celebrated by updating the information in your embedded RFID chip.
  • Interdependence Day – Interdependence Day is the first international holiday and the first step in the process to normalize holidays across the world. Interdependence Day is meant to replace regional and national independence holidays wit a day to celebrate the interconnections and relationships between different peoples. This holiday is observed by calling Customer Support in India and sending Chinese made cards to Chinese factory workers.
  • Carbon Free Day – Carbon Free Days are modeled after the Spare the Air program with the exception that they are mandatory. On this day, which is not fixed to a specific calendar day but designated by the regional air quality district authorities, Class C civilians can not use carbon polluting equipment and engines such as non-electric vehicles, lawn mowers, and wood burning fire places.

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