Al Queda Missile Fired Off California Coast

The following quote is form Los Angeles Times L.A. Now blog.

Military and aviation officials said Tuesday they don’t know who may have launched a mysterious object spotted in the sky late Monday off the Southern California coast, but noted that whatever the projectile was, it did not pose a threat to national security.

So, if I am to understand this correctly, some unknown/covert organization fires what seams to be a surface to air missile, the pentagon and even NORAD have no idea who launched it, and we are all suppose to not worry about it.  My shampoo bottle is more of a security threat that I have to be man handled, groped, and xrayed by a porn scanner but firing missiles with an unknown payload randomly into the air raises no concern from the authorities.

Since the Pentagon can’t or won’t explain this, I have some theories…

  • It must have been Iranian designed missile fired by Al Queda-fornia.
  • It was just an elementary school science faire project, I think blue-ribbon winner.
  • It was a top secret military satellite launch.

One thing is clear, the contrail was unusual sight for the the residents of Southern California.  There are military bases in the area that do test rockets and/or launch satellites into space.  What is unusual was the large visible contrail that made the rocket launch clear for all to see.

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