Independent Diplomat

Independent Diplomat is the sort of idea that I wish I had thought of first. Independent Diplomat is like the Black Water but for diplomats. I first heard of Independent Diplomat from a TED conference talk by Carne Ross, the Executive Director of the non-profit organization. Carne Ross, a former British diplomat, advised the Kosovo to achieve recognition as a sovereign state. Independent Diplomat claims no formal allegiance to any government, but tries to assist in the representation in the world stage of disfranchised groups.

One interesting tidbit mentioned by Carne Ross from his TED talk is that there will be a new country forming soon in Southern Sudan. It wasn’t clear, but Independent Diplomat would be an organization that would hep in the formation of that new country by representing the Sudanese rebels at the UN and see the to the process of state creation.

This is the type of up and coming organization that I wish I had thought of first. I will keep my Independent Diplomat under my radar.

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