Imagine No Religion

To some Penn Jillette, the Las Vegas-based magician, is a celebrity. He has over a million followers on Twitter and he even has an show on the interwebs. So of course, with credentials like that, he is more than qualified to set the world straight in terms of what is wrong with it. On September 11, 2010, Penn Jillete posted the following tweet which was retweetn well over on hundred times…

Imagine no religion.

With all the discussion about terrorism, Ground Zero Mosque, September 11th, and the ongoing war, these three little words upset me the most. With statements like this, I don’t considere Penn Jillette anyone of high regard, I see only blindness and nativity in people that think like this. By no means am I a religious nut, or even religious for that matter, but I find extremely offensive the idead that all religions are mideval beliefs based on mythology with archaic rituals that are to blame for much of wars fought. Religion is not the cause of wars and strife and holocausts, the cause of such crimes are people. To be honest, much of the ethnic cleansing has been done in the name of progress by secular intellectuals, people not too unlike Penn Jillette, with his absolutism and answers to the worlds problems. If people don’t discriminate based on religion, the would based on their tax bracket, If people did not discriminate bases on skin color they would based on the size of their sex organs, if they didn’t discriminate based on religion try would on their choice of extra curricular activities. Yes, I could imagine a world with no religion but the death toll would not change, the towers would still have come down, we still would be fighting a war half the world away, and Penn Jillette would still be a pin head.

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