Ideas for Launching Your Start-Up

The June issue of Inc magazine has a list of Ten Ideas for Launching Your Start-Up Right Now. The top startup ideas that interested me where environmental consultant, exam prep and tutoring, self-storage leasing, translation services, and mobile application design. The green sector is fastest growing area in the home construction and remodeling industry. There are new energy saving appliances, materials, and services and people are starting to invest in the area heavily. Self-storage seems attractive because there is little risk, little effort, and little capital to get started. There are a lot of new innovation in self-storage and moving services, from self packing containers, moving equipment rentals, etc. The mobile application development is on fire, mostly because of the huge success of the Apple iTunes App Store. In less than a year, 1 billion iPhone apps where downloaded through the iTunes App Store. I wouldn’t be surprised is Apple develops a way to push desktop apps through a similar model.

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