Favorite Tweets June 2010

There are some funny people on Twitter. Whenever I find a funny, witty, or thought provoking I usually retweet it and favorite it. Here is a small collection of recent tweets that stoop out to me.

  • @LeyMarieCel: When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. – Charles Austin Beard
  • @avinashkaushik: “I’m as proud of the products that we have not done as the ones we have done.” – Steve Jobs
  • @alexia: OH: In my next life I want to be reincarnated as a computer.
  • @spangley: OH: rural Oregon is like the west Virginia of the west coast.
  • @tonystubblebine: Just watched the worst parallel parking attempt of all time. He eventually gave up and now I’m watching the second worst. It’s a huge spot!
  • @simplebits: I’m convinced that Comcast got into the phone business so that you’re unable to call them when their service goes down.
  • @chadfowler: Social networks depreciate like cars :)
  • @jenniferbrook: I’m thinking about platforms as cultures.
  • @Archimage: By end of next year 10% of internet users will have their own boutique URL shortening service.
  • @georgeruiz: I’m totally getting the sexy new Apple camera (with limited phone functionality). Who’s with me!
  • @jdub: Why haven’t Iraq, Katrina and the Oil Spill convinced conspiracy theorists that the US govt is utterly incapable of conspiracy?
  • @joshspear: Caught in the rain! Good thing I’m waterproof.
  • @thatdrew: OH: My caucasian wife makes awesome authentic tamales
  • @karlihenriquez: Please don’t have conversations with yourself via Twitter…its a little weird
  • @Gemstars: “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” – Paul Valery
  • @shawnrobinson: You can do anything, but not everything. – David Allen
  • @swedal: When cheese gets it’s picture taken, what does it say?
  • @loliphea: how you tryna sell dreams an aint even slept yet?!
  • @ITSNAYB: Good morning rise & grind
  • @MinouChatte: I changed the way I looked at things, and the things I looked at changed.
  • @Miss_Officer: Some of life’s best lessons are learned at the worst times.
  • @JessicaGottlieb: Folks. Please stop projecting, if you have mental health issues get a shrink not a blog.
  • @Miss_Officer: Words without actions are just like air without oxygen, useless
  • @youloveB: Good friends are like four leaf clovers, hard to find & are very special so keep them!

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