Predicate Philosophy

It’s funny how the foundation to a person’s argument is often based on biased. The current debate behind and the Arizona State Bill 1070 are based on bias, fear, misunderstanding. Arizona State Bill 1070 equates Mexican migrants, which are political refugees not illegal aliens, to Mexican drug cartels (which are funded by American dollars). Another equation, that must be done in seconds, is that of Apache helicopter pilots that needs to distinguish between innocent bystander and insurgent terrorist. WikiLeaks recently released video of a Apache attack helicopter killed an Reuters staff photographer because the Apache pilots mistook the photographer’s lens as a rocket propel grenade.

Here are other example of the predicate philosophy, the moral compass, which is used to base our understanding of our values.

  • Innocent = Insurgent
  • Quality > Quantity
  • High Calorie School Lunches = National Security Threat
  • Mexican Drug Cartels != Mexican Migrants
  • Closing New Round of Funding != Closing New Deal
  • Reputation > Compensation
  • Scaling Profits > Scaling Users
  • Money != Value
  • Less Drama > More Money
  • Arranged Marriage > Derange Marriage
  • Interface > Implementation
  • Action > Talk
  • Why > What
  • Ideas > Skills
  • Practice > Theory
  • People = Drama. Dumb People = Dumb * Drama ^ 2.
  • FaceBook, Inc = F.B.I.
  • Coding != Thinking
  • Thought != Plot
  • Safe> Sorry
  • Comfortable > classy
  • Journey > Destination

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