One Tweet Breakup

Here is a collection of humorous tweets from the recent trending hashtag #1tweetbreakup.

  • @SaafirJ: #1tweetbreakup I found a man who can tweeet 150 characters..
  • @Maestro: #1tweetbreakup i’m tired of being followed. i need myspace
  • @clstilwell: #1tweetbreakup You’re a Twitter whore & I don’t want any sloppy 389,896 th’s
  • @IsaacHayes3: #1tweetbreakup and I won’t need all 140 characters cause woman I just found out you slept with 140 characters! Done.
  • @BKcirca1989: #1tweetbreakup you mistweeted me
  • @Hard88: #1tweetbreakup You don’t think I’m a trending topic. I’m through with you.
  • @Yimisia: #1TweetBreakUp I deserve somebody that will tweet me right.
  • @Yimisia: #1TweetBreakUp I need space… on my timeline.
  • @austriasian: #1TweetBreakUp i feel like i need to follow other people, will still tweet each other right?
  • @reosnipes_MOMS: #1tweetbreakup i cant do this anymore, im unfollowing you
  • @WriteLilMonster: #1tweetbreakup i saw you @replying all them ppl & flirting, dont lie
  • @iSpeakLife2u: #1tweetbreakup she just couldn’t tweet me right, so I had to end it…smh
  • @Missitalyxox: #1tweetbreakup you stole all my followers..we are thru!
  • @ruckermusic: #1tweetbreakup: I think we should follow other people lol
  • @uuTellMeWhy: #1tweetbreakup i’m following someone else.
  • @AudiFarizan: #1tweetbreakup I think it’s more than 140 character to write it down
  • @LilMzSexAppeal: #1tweetbreakup Its not you….its your tweets
  • @501_Kevo: #1tweetbreakup relationships wass for facebook, we on twitter now gotta move on.
  • @sha_asshole: #1tweetBreakUP ima not a playa i jst tweet a lot
  • @OfficialNiko: #1tweetbreakup I think it’s time we follow other people. .

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