Free Million Dollar Product Ideas

Tweet Fortune Cookies – Have a line of fortune cookies with tweets that other users have suggested because of their humor or insight. It would be nice if, you could submit your own tweets so that you can use these personalize fortune cookies as promotional giveaways.

Gun Accelerometer – Have an accelerometer built into guns so that when they are shot, it can record the direction and speed at which it was drawn and fired. It should record five seconds before and after a gun is fired to help aid investigations involving guns.

Gun Safety Code – Guns should have a passcode protected gun safety. To unlock a gun, a responsible gun owner would need to tap on it the gun with morse-like code to unlock it.

Page Anything – I like the ability to page a cordless phone. This feature should be built into so many other devices and gadgets. I would love the ability to page my keys, cell phone, wireless video game controllers, television remote, and sometimes even wallet.

Camdar – One problem with anti-air defense systems that rally on radar is that radar systems can easily be jammed, stealth aircraft are hard to detect, and radar equipment can be targeted by anti radar missiles. One possible way to track enemy aircraft over a region, especially in daylight, is to use a system of high resolution cameras and controller software to scan the skies for aircraft. Jet fighters have been shot down by using nothing more than spotters and land lines to communicate the enemy movements. A system like this can be developed with over the counter digital equipment and would be hard to detect and target.

Silent Mouse – Someone needs to invent a quite mouse, click, click, click. It used to be that the only thing you hear in the library was people shushing anyone talking, but now all you hear is the clicking of mice.

News AI – The act of writing a news article is very mechanical. Add a few facts, some quotes, and some past history as background and you have a news post. Such and such happened today on main street to Joe Smith blah blah blah. Many news sites read like they are either planted by the CIA or written by robots. Given a few facts, quotes, and background a algorithm can be used to generate a article with a certain point of view, left, right, centralist, etc. A system like this would go beyond aggregator sites like Google News.

Bacon Burger Beef Paddy – This is an invention I always wanted, a big beef paddy with bacon and cheese mixed in. Bacon just makes everything taste better.

Speed Limit Black Box – Cars are getting smarter, forget fuel injection, cars are now running on software to control all aspects of your morning commute. A critical piece of control software that will need to be developed, and required by Big Brother, is the ability to control impose the speed limit on a vehicle based on the neighborhood. Imagine a car that will report you if you speed in a residential area, or a that will not exceed 25 mph in a school zone, or having police chasing a suspect force all cars in the highway to crawl to a stop.

Wireless Cable Box – I don’t know why cable companies are so slow to innovate. Why don’t cable companies develop a wireless cable box. I should be able to rearrange my television any which way I want without having to pull cables nd drill holes and wait for the cable guy to install my cable box. Wireless routers have made it so easy to setup a home office with n-number of machines but adding another television to the cable isn’t so easy.

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