Google’s Super Bowl XLIV Commercial

Google ran an ad on Super Bowl XLIV for their search engine. The ad told a romantic story with a series of search queries but it was not as iconic as Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad but to privacy advocates it reminds them of Big Brother.

Google ran an advertisement during Super Bowl XLIV between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. Google ran the Search Stories: Parisian Love on national television during the Super Bowl broadcast. The video received over a millions views on YouTube as of this writing. The ad is part of Google’s Search Stories campaign. You can view other views of the Search Stories campaign on the Google’s searchstories user account on YouTube.

The Parisian Love ad starts off with Google’s iconic search box. Over a series of search queries entered into the search box, the ad pieces together the love story between an American student studying abroad in France with a local Parisian girl. The queries speak volumes of this intimate courtship, but fails to bring up the privacy concerns voiced by privacy advocates.

The first query in the ad reads “study abroad paris france.” The following query reveals that the student is new to the City of Lights, the query reads “cafe near the louve” and this demonstrates how Google search corrects the spelling of the Louvre. The ad also demonstrates Google’s translation feature where you type a expression in a foreign language and have Google translate it into another. Another query, “chocolate shops paris france,” demonstrates Google’s local feature which lists business names, addresses, and phone numbers that match your search query. Another great Google feature in the Super Bowl ad is how if you enter a flight number Google will return the flight status on the search page. The last search query in the ad is “How to assemble a crib.”

The Google Super Bowl ad has inspired a series of parody ads, such as one titled Is Tiger Feeling Lucky Today? which plays makes fun of Tiger Wood’s infidelities. It is important to note that Google does store search queries and can easily piece together the search stories of your life, whether you are searching for a new job or long lost friend.

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