Sorry Bow Wow

I love Twitter Trends. One of my favorite was the backlash of Unfollow Diddy back in May, 2009. Recently, Bow Wow was trending on Twitter under the hashtag #sorrybowwow.

  • @j_keys_85: #sorrybowwow but did u buy ur rhyming skills at toys-r-us? lol
  • @nailprincess1: #sorrybowwow you a paper thug
  • @WillieBman: #sorrybowwow clubs don’t serve a glass of warm milk for ya!
  • @mjames4040: #sorrybowwow that yoda is taller than you
  • @imfrombrooklyn: #sorrybowwow YOU are the weakest link, GOODBYE!!
  • @richyungflashy: #sorrybowwow You can’t be takin seriously when you sit down and your feet swing
  • @S3SHA: Thank u for choosing unique auto but #sorrybowwow it’s against the law 2 install carseats in the driver seat!
  • @S3STARLO: #sorrybowwow its not our fault ya moms throwin ya 28th bday bash at chucky cheeses lmaooooooooo
  • @myfabolouslife: #sorrybowwow Ur the child star of hip hop.. Ure like Webster, Gary Coleman..
  • @myfabolouslife: #sorrybowwow we don’t hav sippy cups at the club!
  • @donabiola: #postsecret ciara left you cos, even if you used your whole body, you still reach the bottom #sorrybowwow
  • @MsGiGi00: #sorrybowwow but aren’t you like four? You still got similac on your breath….sitcho ass down!
  • @youngfoch: #sorrybowwow but your boss Lil Wayne was on Fabs album and Lil Wanye was on his….neither will be on your next CD
  • @BoyYb: #sorrybowwow but you will never be mentioned for music mondays…
  • @KamiKaze1911: #sorrybowwow kids use your cds as ninja stars on halloween
  • @SouletryKid: #sorrybowwow but if u jumped in a bucket of blue paint I would swear u were a smurf… (LOL)
  • @Jdashmajesty: #sorrybowwow your career is heading in so many direction and still none of them are looking up

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