Balloon Boy

The are report of evidence that the whole ordeal that Balloon Boy put the nation through was a hoax orchestrated by Balloon Boy’s reality television obsessed dad. Balloon Boy and other hashtags associated to him where trending all day when this happened. People where glued to Twitter for information about Balloon Boy. Here are some choice tweets gathered from Twitter as it was happening live.

  • @cheninboutwell: dear #balloonboy, you owe me an hour of my life back.
  • @tollehaus: What parent *hasn’t* left their huge helium balloon tethered within reach of their young children? Let’s not get all judgy… #balloonboy
  • @ComputerFriends: Wonder how much the bill will be for ‘hiding in the attic’ #balloonboy
  • @greg_a_elliott: is selling Balloon Boy Brand HIDING BOXES! Get yours today! Perfect for home, tavern or office! WHEREVER YOU SCREW UP BAD! #balloonboy #hype
  • @AaronKlein: #Balloonboy is found in his garage. “Uh…mom and dad are looking for you, man. Oh yeah, and Katie Couric called.”
  • @Tinkbell1422: #balloonboy is the little douchebag that stiffed me at work today lemme catch his ass watch..
  • @thext: has anybody considered looking for #balloonboy inside the house before spending 1/2 million dollars to rescue him from his f’n UFO?
  • @shervin: Balloon boy is ‘grounded’, literally. #balloonboy
  • @jjuunniiee: #balloonboy would be grounded for the rest of his life if he were my kid.
  • @oheredia: i guess #balloonboy was actually #atticboy
  • @budweiserplease: this whole #balloonboy incident is exactly why i’m never having kids. i would always lose them. speaking of, has anyone seen my dog?
  • @princessangela: Yo Balloon Boy, I’m a let you finish, but Anne Frank had the best attic hideout spot of all time. #balloonboy
  • @caitlint: Was #balloonboy sponsored by Redbull?
  • @toddadamson: What’s TMZ saying about #balloonboy?
  • @shmeilia: i dont know whether to be scared for balloon boy or super jealous of him for having a homemade hot air balloon in the 1st place! #balloonboy
  • @BeeJayEmCee: (Lmfaoooo)– Hold on #balloonboy, imma let you finish, but Amelia Earhart had one of the best disappearances in flight OF ALL TIME!!
  • @SpAM_CAN: Wasn’t #balloonboy livestreamed the whole time? Couldn’t they wind the tape back?
  • @csmyers88: WHERE IS #balloonboy in Nevernever land????
  • @dja17: CNN has stopped caring about #balloonboy and has switched to health care lmao == Cause it’s fake
  • @jayilla: this #balloonboy reminds me of the Simpsons episode when bart fell down the well lol. . . .
  • @TheFagCasanova: Pixar have gone all out to promote ‘Up’ haven’t they? #Balloonboy
  • @nydblockny: older brother reported #balloonboy as missing… sounds like he killed him by mistake and then set that shit off.
  • @matthewjoseph: I blame aliens #balloonboy
  • @infidel118i: It’s fucking ironic #balloonboy ‘s name is FALCON, yo. Hope the kid werent in it though.
  • @nAn18: Kids in my day used to buy magic beans to grow a beanstalk to reach the clouds. Fuckin science, keep on flyin #balloonboy

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