Retweet September 2009

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in September 2009. If you like to follow along, befriend xwoop and lolprez and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Why is Facebook down on a quite Friday night! Having network issues is like so last year.
  • Failbook is down. The one day I need to log into it to update my status it is down, my life is ruined, how could they do this to me???
  • I live close to Facebook, I can walk down and turn on the servers if they need me to.
  • If you play Farm Ville to much they will send you to the Funny Farm Ville.
  • Facebook is down and I can’t get to my Farm Ville, quick call FEMA!!!
  • At what level can I buy hemp/weed on Farm Ville.
  • Are you into Farm Ville? I am waiting until Gansta Ville.
  • I can’t wait until a tornado hits Farm Ville.
  • Facebook makes you use your real identity so it is easier for your exe to stalk you.
  • Facebook makes you realize you where once cool, what happened to you?
  • Facebook makes you realize you need new friends!
  • Facebook Makes You wanna punch someone in their Facebook.

Yo Kayne Swift

  • Yo Obama, imma gonna let you finish but Canada had the best health care of all time.
  • Yo Joe Wilson, i’mma gonna let you finish, but the Don’t Taze Me Bro guy is one the best hecklers of all time.
  • Yo H1N1, i’mma gonna let you finish, but the Black Plague is one the best pandemics of all time.
  • Yo Facebook, i’mma gonna let you finish, but the Twitter is one the best status jiggamajigy of all time.
  • Yo All Your Base Are Belong to Us, I’m really happy for you. I’m gonna let you finish, but Kanye West is now the best meme of all time.

Demo Democracy

  • It takes a village to raise a child and a state to keep him down.
  • Though on crime, weak on jobs.
  • Four Horsemen: Big Government, Corporatism, Ecosystem Collapse, Lead & Mercury Poisoning
  • Make love not war, drop beatz not bombs, fight the power not each other!
  • Happy 60th BDay People’s Republic of China, You don’t like a day past 3000 years of civilization! What kind of cake do you like?
  • It is a education seeing the continual failures in education, instead of lead no kids behind you should leave no school district behind.
  • ACORN: We Help You Bust a Nut
  • Hope is the new Obey.


  • Do Da Obama Dance!
  • Prez Obama calls Kayne West a ‘jackass’, Kayne West calls Bill Clinton the best black president.
  • Kayne West is like Jesus, Barack Obama is like Pontius Pilate.
  • Uncle Obama called Kayne West a jackass, but bailout bankers he calls critical to our economic recovery.
  • Osama called Obama a douche, because Obama called Kayne a jackass, because Kayne called Beyonce the greatest.
  • Obama wants to fine/tax folks if they can’t afford/maintain health insurance, what is next, they will fine you if you drink to much coffee?
  • Obama might as well fine/tax fat people!


  • White people don’t riot, they bailout.
  • Who says crime doesn’t pay? Just see the stock growth for private correctional facility operators CXW.
  • Music has sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The finance industry has hookers, blow, and government bailouts.
  • Let bankers be bankers is like saying let children be children.
  • The economic recovery must be in full swing, the market has rallied to near 10k, hedge funds avg up +10%, Google/Flickr/etc are hiring.
  • I guess we are out of the recession if Adobe can afford $1.8 for a company that does not add to their core business.

Random Philosophy

  • We are destined for great things, first thing is to believe it, second thing is to act on it, third is to persevere on it, then patent it!
  • I want fries with that, therefore I am. We are all philosophers, but we don’t all work at McDs.
  • When you hit 42 years of age, the question to the meaning of life new meaning and everything else takes on a new meaning.
  • OH: I have a degree in Fashion Science.
  • The Internet is a zoo and there is one rule: Don’t Feed The Trolls!
  • Know better sooner!
  • Cost != Worth vs. Net Worth != Self Worth
  • Work: The real Never Ending Story!
  • When there is a kid in the house every room is a kid’s room.
  • T Diet – Tacos, Tortas, Tamales, Tostadas, etc.
  • I don’t have what I don’t have but what I gave I got myself.
  • Sometimes art imitates life, sometimes life imitates art, but other times art imitates art but that alone does not make it art.
  • True love loves you long time.
  • Nothing is the end of the world, not even the apocalypse.
  • What is common about common sense is the lack of it.
  • It is possible to be better.
  • In front of every slow poke driving grandma, there is a Prius driver holding up traffic.
  • If you think you are wise you are a dummy in disguise.


  • Graffiti artists are like dogs: they mark their territory. – Muro
  • If there is any doubt, there is no doubt. – Jason Calacanis
  • You are your people. – Jason Calacanis
  • Starting is easy, finishing is hard. – Jason Calacanis
  • Failure is the precursor to success – Jason Calacanis
  • Great entrepreneur gets a dollar out of a nickel, a donkey entrepreneur get a nickel out of a dollar. – Jason Calacanis
  • We are not the center of everything that happens to us. – Alain De Botton
  • California is on the verge of becoming the first failed state in America. – Kenneth Starr
  • At the end of the day, finance is all about faith. Money does not exist unless you believe in it. – Gillian Tett
  • It’s important to realize that I was actually black before the election. – Prez Obama
  • The only training the TSA gets is how to yell at you. – Adam Curry


  • Your local news will not report it if it doesn’t come from a multinational conglomerate news wire or Bloomberg dashboard.
  • Network news run on the disinformation channel, the truth is that network news anchor don’t even know the news.
  • The media is not the puppet master, it is the puppet strings.

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