Animal Farm

We went to the zoo today. The visit really reminded me of college, it is a freaking animal house in there. Going to the zoo, you come up close to wild animals, and they are called wild not only for their habitat but for their behavior. The stinkiest animals in the whole zoo, in my opinion, are the penguins. There are just smelly. Overall the animals look bored and sleepy, going to the zoo makes me bored and sleepy. I felt like taking a nap as soon as I left. The only reason to go to the zoo is to buy souvenirs. The souvenir shop is the only place where you learn the most about the animals, you can get books, videos, coloring books of animals that are more active hands of an Attention Deficit Disorder kid than the actual animals housed in the zoo. The zoo is basically the jail for animals whose visiting hours are every day.

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