Children are Made of Advertising, Consumerism, and Debt

In the USA, children are made to be consumers. We grow up to believe that we need to buy new shoes if we want to be runners, that we need to buy a ticket at an amusement park to be amused, that we need to buy $100 college books to go to learn, etc. We live in a free country where everything has a price. We live in a free country but we don’t have enough free and open spaces. Strip malls have replaced the out doors, movies have replace oral story telling, online communities have replaced our local communities, we teach kids about sex education but not to love. Children are the perfect consumer bots. Advertisers target them, they are the perfect demographic, and they are the ones that will pay for it all. The allowance we give them, we borrow and they will have to pay it all back with interest. They will also have to pay for grandma’s social security and grandpa’s viagra. Child are made to be consumers, and we are going to make the pay for it.

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