Nothing Personal

It is hard to see where Twitter trends start off from, for no reason Nothing Personal was trending. I thought some of the tweets were funny, that I had to favorite some of them.

  • luismart630: #nothingpersonal but the US soccer “fans” only cheer for winning teams
  • BeckyFletch: #nothingpersonal but if your teeth look like they’re trying to escape from your mouth, stop smiling
  • jacklynnray: #nothingpersonal but nobody cares about your cat. <3
  • rachelsoul: #nothingpersonal , but I need some new followers…ya’ll are putting me to sleep…lmao
  • Megan_Louise: You looked better when you were fat #nothingpersonal
  • ifsogirl: #nothingpersonal But wifebeaters are not appropriate for all men…
  • jmayr: #nothingpersonal but I don’t like people that are set on flames and want a hug
  • supaman87: #nothingpersonal but retarted ppl and old ppl creep me out, I dnt like being around them
  • MonycaRenee: #nothingpersonal but don’t ask for anything you cannot give
  • MonycaRenee: don’t hate on me change u :) #nothingpersonal
  • SingKayJay: #nothingpersonal but you just dont do it for
  • SydneyAlex: Dear PC: I still want a MAC, no matter how many commercials you put out #nothingpersonal
  • dani_inez: #nothingpersonal but smoking is quite unattractive… and dumb

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