Thank You Michael Jackson

Micheal Jackson has been the top trending topic since his death on June 25, 2009. But Michael Jackson is not the only top trending topic, so are the following: MJ, mj memorial, RIP MJ, thankyoumichael, michaljackson

Here is a small sample of the hundreds of thousands of tweets expressing a heartfelt thank you for the man behind the music.

  • NinaLaDolce: #thankyoumichael || you will truly be missed
  • christopherbw: #thankyoumichael …For making it cool to be different.
  • Punky_Pan: #thankyoumichael ♥ +1 :’/
  • maliamorgan: #thankyoumichael for music that moved us in so many ways…RIP
  • ItsIMANIrose: #thankyoumichael for destroying barriers, bc of u we not only touch stages but you dared us to command them!& all the worlds a stage!love i
  • JamilGotcher: #ThankyouMichael for all of your amazing performances and humanitarianism. You make me want to be a better person.
  • dchector24: #thankyoumichael you’ll live in on forever in our hearts <3
  • TinaMontgomery: #thankyoumichael for giving us beautiful music and vibes
  • Techalla: #thankyoumichael for addressing real world issues in your music…
  • mznita216: #thankyoumichael for everything you did in this crazy world.. you will be missed love ya
  • Assibraut: Smile, though your heart is aching. #thankyoumichael
  • therealestJG: #thankyoumichael you will always be my inspiration and will always be forever lived as the King of Music, not just pop.
  • JustAnt1: #thankyoumichael for showing the world WHO’S BAD!
  • mandymandy09: #thankyoumichael I cried for most of the memorial…but his daughter made me bawl, how sad :(
  • cancan19: Thank you for your music #thankyoumichael.
  • yararocks: #ThankYouMichael for all the great songs you’ve given us!
  • jenadear: #thankyoumichael you will be missed more than you could ever imagine. we love you.
  • nytuan: Watching MJ memorial made me think: popular culture at its best moments is about being together #thankyoumichael.
  • SleeplessInATX: #thankyoumichael …. for all the music that was a part of so many wonderful memories which will last in my heart and mind forever.
  • shadedforests: i’m gonna make a change, it’s gonna feel real good. #thankyoumichael
  • JESSIKINHAAAA: #thankyoumichael YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
  • d_n_matty: #thankyoumichael you forever have a place in our hearts.
  • vickymcfly: #ThankYouMichael you inspired so many people.
  • LamarLee: #thankyoumichael for making people think. your concepts were far from cookie cutter
  • kiki102909: #ThankYouMichael for your music, your dance and your compassion to our world :)
  • ashleyisrad: #thankyoumichael for your love for everyone. black, white, young, old. thank you for caring and helping change the world.
  • Divine_Spirit: #ThankYouMichael for love. Peace. Happiness. Creativeness. Legends. Dreams. To believe. Thank you for talent. The moonwalk. Love you
  • ohheynicole: #thankyoumichael for being an epic performer &getting me interested in music &dance & providing me w/ a soundtrack to some great memories.

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