Twitter Haiku

One of my favorite hashtags on Twitter is #haiku. Every once in a while, when I a bored or need some inspiration, I search twitter for recent haiku tweets. Here are some of my favorite that I have collected over the time.

  • @Baron_waffles: trying to figure / out the mystery which is / the female species.
  • @marcmaron: Lazy Tweet Haiku: Tweety tweety tweet / Tweety tweety tweety tweet / Tweety tweety tweet.
  • @AshiAkira: Winners are heroes / Losers are rebels always / Universal law.
  • @AndreaBlythe: I miss / the taste of salt air / the feel of sand.
  • @amiablephd: Critical sister; I feel fat, lazy, stupid; Sadness in my bones.
  • @jasonm68: The ocean breeze chills / Pelicans dive into waves / I’m still not awake.
  • @simonscotland: I’m on a diet / strict vegetarian brains / for my consumption. #zombiehaiku
  • @magnusholmgren: the butterfly’s wings / quickly pushed the air away / everything else stopped.
  • @simonscotland: The distance between / us can be measured in miles / yet we are still close.
  • @Christwitery: Fragrant aroma / lures me into my backyard / neighbor’s BBQ.
  • @KrisLindbeck: Southward down the beach / clouds erase the line / between sky and sea
  • @coachcreative: How inadequate / just seventeen syllables / to spill out my heart
  • @Tiny_Fiction: midnight car alarm / there are no car thieves at large / just a lonely car
  • @UncompletedWork: The Macbook Charges / The Kitten purrs in my lap / I hate writer’s block!
  • @dracolytch: Planning a bike trip / A ride through my history / Need more camping gear

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