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I recently traveled to Los Angeles. In Hollywood every other person has a celebrity story, or is a producer, or is a actor, or is a gang member, or all of the above. I went down there to produce a little R&R and here are some of the tweets regarding my recent trip.

Los Angeles

  • Packing for LA, leaving tomorrow morning.
  • If I could see the white of your eyes in my rearview mirror you are tail gating
  • Drove 3 hours, for an average of 77 mpg, for a total of 231 miles.
  • Good ol’ LA traffic.
  • At Ed Hardy outlet in Melrose Ave. I got a better deal at Costco.
  • Just saw a zen master like black belt ninja stylin dewd with a stetson would-be hat wearing all black but his white beard.
  • Must be a hard core LA gang member or Hebrew Kung-fu cowboy?
  • People here must love to wait in line, I see then waiting at Pink’s hotdogs, at Sprinkle’s cupcakes, etc
  • It takes about five minutes and two green lights on average to make a left turn up on here.
  • Heading to downtown, let’s see what I find there.
  • Leaving Santee Alley, got good cheap deals.
  • Having ceviche and sopes at Placita Olvera.
  • Went to Beverly Center, The Grove, the Ivy, and La Brea Tar Pits at Museum Row and Miracle Mile.
  • Ed Hardy has a store in every strip mall and shopping center in LA.
  • We are so celebrity obsessed. We have grade and rank our celebrities. We have celebrity debutantes, chefs, hackers, and prophets.
  • The only way to make a left turn here is to run a red light.
  • At Kitson outlet.
  • Westwood up to no good.
  • Having a pinkberry.
  • Very tourist cliché, just came back from a star tour… We saw Nicole Richie and Tommy Lee.
  • Disneyland does not hire employees or workers but cast members.
  • The Magical Kingdom has worst lines than lines than DHS/customs.
  • In LA, it’s like oh my god, even Walgreens and Foot Locker sell Ed Hardy gear.
  • Christian Audigier has like five stores in Melrose Ave: Ed Hardy Outlet, Christian Audigier, Crystal Rock, Ed Hardy, and Paco Chicano.
  • I-5 is 300+ miles of flat straight highway, they should increase the speed limit there to 100 mph.
  • I-5 is the fastest next to the autobahn, and yet it is not fast enough.
  • LA was mad LOL! Planning my next trip! Where should I go? Have sunshine, will travel!
  • After going 90 mph for nearly five hours, my mind is still feels like it is going that fast.
  • In LA everybody has a celebrity sighting story…

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