Twitter for Newbies

With Oprah jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, the social status update service has gone mainstream. Here are a few general tips for those new to Twitter.

  • Use as short and easy to remember username as possible.
  • Add original picture and background to your profile.
  • Retweet tweet messages if you find them meaningful, insightful, or to show appreciation.
  • Always give proper credit for retweet and leave message intact as much as possible.
  • If you can’t tweet anything nice, retweet somebody else.
  • It is best to retweet the source, not a retweet of a retweet of a retweet etc.
  • Don’t tweet anything your wouldn’t say in person.
  • Use hashtags to add context, additional information to your status update.
  • On Friday list fellow twitterers that reply to you using the hashtag #followfriday.
  • Follow as many of those that follow you, but beware of SEO, marketers, bots, and spammers.
  • Celebrities won’t follow you, but follow and engage those that celebrities actually follow.
  • Follow those near you and attend tweetups.
  • Use Twitter clients such as TweetDeck, Twitteriffic, or Twhirl.
  • 140 characters force you to keep it short, be sure to keep it succinct.
  • Reply, retweet, and converse with your friends and followers.
  • Be humble, no matter how many follower you have, don’t call them your followers.
  • Mark tweets that you enjoy as your favorite.
  • If nothing else, just add value.

4 Things to Consider Before You Try to Join the Amish

There is an interesting article on Boing Boing by guest writer Maggie Koerth-Baker about being Amish. I thought about being Amish because I liked the concept of Rumspringa, which to me sounded like the Amish version of a year long Spring break mixed in with Sex, Drugs, and Baptism.

  • Can You Tell the Difference Between Amish and Mennonite?
  • Do You Know the Best Place to Move?
  • Can You Find Where the In-Crowd Hangs Out?
  • Will You Be Able to Buy a Farm?

Best Questions to Ask a Charity

The May issue of Money Magazine has the Annual Best List. This years best list has a series of questions worth asking to charitable organization whom you are considering donating your time and money.

  • Does the IRS recognize you as a charity?
  • How long have you been around?
  • What % of my donation will go to charitable works?
  • Do you have a year’s worth of working capital?
  • Are you slashing services this year?

Retweet March 2009

Here I am reblogging some retweets for the past month that broken down by subject matter. Some of these tweets also cover events that occurred in March 2009. If you like to follow along, befriend me and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • Does two half & half make one full & full?
  • If everything tastes like chicken and if chickens go extinct, what would food taste like then?
  • Is it #followfriday or #failfriday?
  • Do you feel or hear music?
  • What would music be like without sounds?
  • Why is it that everything is said to taste like chicken or is as easy like riding a bike?
  • What is in the phone book that is not online?


  • Life is an open book test. Learning how to learn is your most valuable skill in the online world. – @muban
  • Are tweets copyrighted by default? – @mcuban
  • It is one thing to believe in the dream, it is another thing to be in a dream world. – Gordon Ramsay
  • Don’t take it personally, take it seriously. – Gordon Ramsay
  • They have a vision statement, they had hallucinations, they had been eating mushrooms. – @spolsky
  • Bias is in the eye of the beholder. – @peterrojas


  • Holy scriptures where not written to debate but to contemplate.
  • I could quote someone else, someone wise that once said something profound, but then I would be missing the point.
  • Money and time must be the inverse of each other. When you are young you have time but not money. When old you have money but not time.
  • First they want you to color inside the lines, then think outside the box, and finally move in little boxes before they put you in a box.
  • When people say ‘I’m just kidding’ the are only half kidding but which half you don’t know!
  • Your biggest strength is acknowledging your weaknesses.
  • The meek shall inherit the earth and have the last laugh…
  • Between any two options, I prefer to find a third! I don’t mind being between a rock and hard place if I have a jack hammer.
  • It is always easy to find people you like, the trick is for them to like you back.
  • Survey and poll results are not absolute facts.
  • Metaphors are building blocks for conversations. They are verbal patterns for banter.
  • When insperation hits turn the other cheek.
  • People carrying heavy stuff should get the right of way.
  • Challenge yourself. You are your biggest competition. If you compete against yourself, you always win.
  • Defend your opinions, not with arguments but with actions.
  • Often times children rebel against what their parents rebelled against, so kids are counter-revolutionaries.
  • Trading stock stories rather than trading stocks themselves.
  • Some folks have an imaginary friend or two, I roll with a mob deep imaginary entourage.
  • Outside the box, thinking how can I make the box larger.

Tweet Trip LA

I recently traveled to Los Angeles. In Hollywood every other person has a celebrity story, or is a producer, or is a actor, or is a gang member, or all of the above. I went down there to produce a little R&R and here are some of the tweets regarding my recent trip.

Los Angeles

  • Packing for LA, leaving tomorrow morning.
  • If I could see the white of your eyes in my rearview mirror you are tail gating
  • Drove 3 hours, for an average of 77 mpg, for a total of 231 miles.
  • Good ol’ LA traffic.
  • At Ed Hardy outlet in Melrose Ave. I got a better deal at Costco.
  • Just saw a zen master like black belt ninja stylin dewd with a stetson would-be hat wearing all black but his white beard.
  • Must be a hard core LA gang member or Hebrew Kung-fu cowboy?
  • People here must love to wait in line, I see then waiting at Pink’s hotdogs, at Sprinkle’s cupcakes, etc
  • It takes about five minutes and two green lights on average to make a left turn up on here.
  • Heading to downtown, let’s see what I find there.
  • Leaving Santee Alley, got good cheap deals.
  • Having ceviche and sopes at Placita Olvera.
  • Went to Beverly Center, The Grove, the Ivy, and La Brea Tar Pits at Museum Row and Miracle Mile.
  • Ed Hardy has a store in every strip mall and shopping center in LA.
  • We are so celebrity obsessed. We have grade and rank our celebrities. We have celebrity debutantes, chefs, hackers, and prophets.
  • The only way to make a left turn here is to run a red light.
  • At Kitson outlet.
  • Westwood up to no good.
  • Having a pinkberry.
  • Very tourist cliché, just came back from a star tour… We saw Nicole Richie and Tommy Lee.
  • Disneyland does not hire employees or workers but cast members.
  • The Magical Kingdom has worst lines than lines than DHS/customs.
  • In LA, it’s like oh my god, even Walgreens and Foot Locker sell Ed Hardy gear.
  • Christian Audigier has like five stores in Melrose Ave: Ed Hardy Outlet, Christian Audigier, Crystal Rock, Ed Hardy, and Paco Chicano.
  • I-5 is 300+ miles of flat straight highway, they should increase the speed limit there to 100 mph.
  • I-5 is the fastest next to the autobahn, and yet it is not fast enough.
  • LA was mad LOL! Planning my next trip! Where should I go? Have sunshine, will travel!
  • After going 90 mph for nearly five hours, my mind is still feels like it is going that fast.
  • In LA everybody has a celebrity sighting story…