Retweet Obama Inauguration

Here I am reblogging some retweets covering the inauguration of President Barack Obama. If you like to follow along, befriend me and I’ll be sure to follow back.


  • A dream deferred will soon be a dream redeemed.
  • Anybody getting tomorrow off because of the inauguration? For some people, this is turning out to be a four day weekend.
  • Watching the inauguration of Barack Obama.
  • Obama became the president four minutes ago, has yet to take the oath.
  • "I, Barrack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear…"
  • "On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear…" – Obama
  • "America is a friend of each nation" – Obama
  • "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non believers" – Obama
  • "The World has changed, and we must change with it" – Obama
  • Praise song for the day this horrible inauguration poem ends.
  • Explaining that Bush did not get ‘kicked out’ of the White House but that his lease simply expired.
  • Obama cruzin the parade route on his new caddy.
  • There seem to be half as much security officers as civilians, police two feet apart, two set of barricades, two SUVs full of SS agents.
  • Secret Service don’t do a good job at keeping secret, those along the parade route will have more pictures of SS agents than Obama.
  • Obama is in the house!! I am thinking of a new sitcom ‘Fresh Politician of Capitol Hill.’
  • Security along the parade is colder than the weather, sparse crowds reported.
  • I, for one, welcome our new democrat overlords.
  • Prez Obama making short appearances at gala events. Mrs Obama wearing Jason Wu. Prez Obama dances like a white guy.
  • Prez Obama gave historic inauguration speech, Wall Street responded by losing 332 points, going below 8000.

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