Tweet Sin City

I recently traveled to Las Vegas, Sin City… It is often said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that is not the case when you Twitter about. Here is a compilation of my Vegas tweets.

  • Just landed at LAS on VX.
  • Hitting the strip.
  • Just had diner at Koi in PH, heading to the tables.
  • At the VIP section at The Comedy Festival at Ceaser’s Palace.
  • Heading to La Salsa Cantina for a bloody mary.
  • At The Palms having a smoke, second hand.
  • Been talking to cabbies, dealers, waiters, house keeping, etc… Business is down compare to last year. What is next? Vegas bailout?
  • Hanging around the casino for an hour must be like smoking half a pack.
  • Is my phone ringing or is that my ears?
  • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so don’t say anything, I just came out of a BSB concert.
  • I have no greater hell than being front and center in general admission in a BSB concert, and I been detained in foreign countries.
  • I’m not a BSB fan, in my ladies fan.
  • Be sure to checkin snow globes… They are on certain FAA watchlist.
  • Playing Doom in flight on Virgin America’s Red entertainment system.
  • Back in PA/CA.

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