Tweet Holiday

The holidays are a stressful time for most, I included, but their is usually a payoff at the end in the form of gifts. Here is an aggregation of my holiday tweets.

  • Now I know what sleeping pills are made of, miniaturized thanksgiving turkey dinners.
  • I feel like a jive turkey, stuff with stuffing and fixins.
  • This is the first year I have had an xmas tree that was bigger than myself.
  • Have a holla holliday.
  • Wrapping up gift wrapping.
  • ‘Tis the season of liquidations.
  • Tonight is Christmas eve eve.
  • Tracking Santa on, hope the Russians don’t confuse him for a US spyplane.
  • Gansta wrapping last minute gifts.
  • According to NORAD, Santa has entered US airspace.
  • Happy hip hopping eXtreme Christmas (xmas).
  • T-minus 60 minutes to operation Unwrap Holidays.
  • Watching yule log and drinking egg nog.
  • Spreading cheer like if it was butter.
  • Operation Unwrap Fury was a total success.
  • Made out like a pirate.
  • Santa not only brought gifts, he also brought the rain, I guess it is better than if he brought the pain.
  • I got PSP, DS, Wii, XBox 360, DVD, Blu Ray media, the only media I didn’t get was music CDs.
  • At Stanford mall getting a security device removed from an Xmas gift, will there another person came in for the same reason.

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