Peace in the Middle East

Those involved in the Mid East conflict are not adherents of the Middle Way. To those that cry for ‘peace in the Middle East,’ I say ‘not in our time.’ The Bush administration warned the Palestinians to to stop firing rockets, but continue dying, and perhaps in the afterlife they can attain peace and a homeland. For peace in the Middle East can only be obtained by the total annihilation and submission of their people.

For every bomb Israel drops on the Palestinians equals to one more day in the war, and hate grows with compound interest. You can’t fight a conventional war, with tanks and heat seeking missiles against a people that don’t have land to stand on, don’t have food to feed their children, don’t have medicine to aid their sick, and don’t have an economy to gainfully employee its populace. There is no military honor, personal glory, and divine justice to fight against and crush to their tombs the disillusioned, desperate, and destitute.

Some defend themselves with tooth and nail, and others with armored vehicles and laser guided missiles. A man that walks into a bus strapped with a bomb is not a martyr, nor is he is a terrorist, he is a desperate soldier in a lost war. The terrorist is he that drops down hundreds of tons of bombs down on towns as it if they where rain drops, and the martyrs are those children dead.

Israel will never allow Palestine, and Lebanon for that matter, to flourish, it will prevent at all costs for its neighbors to grow economically, and it will disrupt any develop into a self sustained independent statehood. Israel feels secure by making those around it insecure, it wants to build a modern society amongst the ruins of those around it, and it wants to redeem and avenge the Holocaust with a long drawn out trans-generational genocide. The Israeli government has drawn out the Final Solution of the Palestinian Question.

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