Scobleizing Randumb Tweets

On this month’s issue of Fast Company, Robert Scoble’s business article was a stream, or better yet, a dribble of blabbering twitter messages. And the Scobleizer bunny gets paid for this. Since twitter does not achieve and make available all your tweets I thought I do a scoble and blog my tweets for posterity. In this post I repost some off the wall and totally random tweets.

  • Buy one, get one free. It’s the buy shit no one else wanted sale!
  • A marketing slogan will not save the world.
  • It doesn’t matter anymore if you eat organic food, we all inhale the same bio-fuel produced air.
  • The air quality is so bad in the bay area that you have to chew the air before you can breath it in.
  • GoDaddy is more a dead beat dad.
  • At the apex of the vortex welcome to the matrix as the cortex is conjecturing about sex.
  • I understand a newly immigrated Chinese speaking English better than a born and raised Brit speaking English.
  • Getting ready for the impending zombie attack.
  • Some people have a hat rack, I have a laptop rack.
  • The only reason I subscribe to magazines is to rip them up for scrap paper for piñatas.
  • To think outside the box, first you need a box.
  • Is the hiring process like speed dating? You quickly get to know the candidate, but just want to know if candidate can perform.
  • It drives me nuts that my girlfriend does not know the difference between star wars, star trek and stargate!
  • If you are one in a million, in a world with six billion people, there are six thousand of you out there.
  • The good thing about taboos is breaking them.
  • Eating lamb, who new such a cute animal would taste sooo good.
  • Watching a horror flick and paying bills, not sure which is scarier.

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