Scobleizing Political Tweets

On this month’s issue of Fast Company, Robert Scoble’s business article was a stream, or better yet, a dribble of blabbering twitter messages. And the Scobleizer bunny gets paid for this. Since twitter does not archieve and make available all your tweets I thought I do a scoble and blog my tweets for posterity. Being an election year, I thought I repost some political minded tweets.

  • A two party system does not allow for real choice, real change, real debate, real democracy.
  • The Cadillac One, the President’s bullet proof limousine, is the antithesis, diabolical, and polar opposite of the Pope Mobile.
  • If Adam Smith was right, that there is an invisible hand, then there is also an invisible chain and cage, there is an invisible gitmo.
  • If Adam Smith was right, that there is an invisible hand, it is because that is all that is left after corruptalism disembodied the corpse.
  • Adam Smith was wrong, because his premise was wrong, there is no such thing as free markets, there are deceitful gouging capitalist markets.
  • I feel like Adam Smith’s invisible hand just went down my pants and stole my money as I was paying for gas.
  • It has been said that Bill Clinton was the first black president. In that logic, Obama might be the first Muslim president.

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