Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

To inaugurate the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the over two thousand drummers commemorated the opening ceremony. In perfect unison, accurate precision, and perhaps as a symbolism of China over two thousand drummers, count down to the 2008 Olympic games. This is the perfect symbolism for China, two thousand drummers, in drone like precision are told via directives from national committees to smile more because the seem intimidating. And they are, I think to myself, are they sounding off their economic war drum? This is definitely the beat of a different drummer, these are different times. Everything that China does, it does in a grand scale, from the Great Wall of China to the Tienanmen Square to the numerous drummers. Everything in China is big, bigger than Texas, but only through the sheer power of the collect and the force of a central government. In a show of force, thongs of identically dressed drummers do the manual work that I digital display would, but here labor is cheap and the central government can gather a work force of ten of thousand in a matter of days

In another segment, a blank scroll unfolds in center of the stadium where dancers move on the empty canvas and draw a painting with their bodies of water and mountains, in the style of classical Chinese art. Then over eight hundred scholars of Confusion came out holding bamboo scrolls. The scholars look like characters out of the Star Wars trilogy with complicated headdress.

In another sequence that perfectly reflect the harmonious Chinese society, a great many people support a grand canopy where a single attractive female wrapped in a silk dances. The symbolizes the nation, and the masses the communist collective. At this point, a great number of mariners march out holding large paddles, when held up together an image forms of ancient Chinese junkets that are said to control a great part of the regions.

Again, in a show of accurate precision and scale, over two thousand tai chi practitioners took center stage. They formed a perfect circle and practiced their power moves. Forget synchronize swimming, you haven’t seen anything until you see over two thousand tai chi master execute in perfect form the 108 movements that from tai chi practice.

During the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony, China displayed it the source of its greatest asset, the ability to mold and deploy thousands of identical workers with pin point accuracy.

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