Obama Is Here

Christopher Bridges, better known by his stooge name Ludacris, has recorded and released a song in support of Obama. The song is entitled ‘Politics: Obama Is Here.’ In song Ludacris states that the world is ready for change because Obamam is here, but the first thing he asks of Obama is special pardon from jail, and the VP office. This is not change, this is just like all other administrations. The supporters of the the President are just it to wit it.

The only change Obama wants, is to change his current address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Obama will not be the first black president. It was said that Bill Clinton was the first black president. If Obama gets elected to president, Bill Clinton will still continue to be the only black president. Obama will be the first president to make everybody think he is black, his politricks are very whity.

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National Security Agency Security Oath

Via a Freedom of Information Act request (which involved paying $700 and waiting almost 4 years), The Memory Hole has obtained blank copies of over 400 forms used by the National Security Agency. Here is the Security Oath required used by the NSA.

Upon being cleared to protect the sensitive information of the National Security Agency, I subscribe to this oath freely, without mental reservation, and with the full intent to exercise meticulous care in abiding by its items.

I solemnly swear that I will not reveal to any person any information pertaining to the classified activities of the National Security Agency, except as necessary toward the proper performance of my duties or as specifically authorized by a duly responsible superior known to me to be authorized to receive this information.

I further solemnly swear that I will report without delay to my security representative the details and circumstances of any case which comes within my knowledge of an unauthorized person obtaining or attempting to obtain information concerning the classified operations of the National Security Agency.

I fully appreciate and understand that the security of the information and activities of the National Security Agency is of vital importance to the welfare and defense of the United States. I affirm that I am familiar with the provisions of Section 793, 794 and 798, Title 18 United States Code.

I do hereby affirm any understanding that the obligations of this oath will continue even after severance of my connections with the National Security Agency and that they remain fully binding on me during peacetime as well as during wartime.

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Judo In 30 Seconds

I’ve always wanted to learn a martial art such as Judo or Karate. I won’t learn much from the following video, but it is really informative as to the different power moves in Judo. This video, in less than thirty seconds demonstrates several Judo moves.

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Invisible Hand Down Your Pants

If Adam Smith was right, that there is an invisible hand, then there is also an invisible chain and cage, there is an invisible gitmo.

If Adam Smith was right, that there is an invisible hand, it is because that is all that is left after corruptalism disembodied the corpse.

Adam Smith was wrong, because his premise was wrong, there is no such thing as free markets, there are deceitful gouging corruptalist markets.

I feel like Adam Smith’s invisible hand just went down my pants and stole my money as I was paying for gas.

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