Top YouTube Members

Barats and Bereta
Recent video documentary reveals God’s other son, Wesley, whom God sent in 2007 AD to save humanity. Unfortunately for humanity, Wesley ends up in a college fraternity.

Lisa Nova
Lisa Nova recently collaborated with Perez Hilton and other YouTuber’s in LisaNova does YouTube. The video seemed to have cause a lot of controversy in the the community of video nerds with allegation of spamming.

Happy Slip
This Pinay chick does interesting, whacky, skits where she plays all parts including her father, mother, auntie, and herself. If she hadn’t discovered YouTube she might have been committed for multiple personality disorder.

Chris Crocker
Recently, itschriscrocker pop up in most peoples radar for his know infamous LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE video that went viral.

Mia Rose
Some time back I wrote about Mia Rose. Mia is an aspiring singer working on her first record.

Perez Hilton
He doesn’t put out a lot of videos but I do check on his YouTube videos from time to time.

Here is the Most Subcribed YouTube members page to help you viewing. Now, let me pontificate a bit about YouTube members. In all honesty, YouTube members seem to take themselves way too seriously and strongly feel that they are building a new media. I just feel that YouTube benefits 100 times more than most members but with that said some people have used it as a vehicle to some sort of 15 minutes of fame, mostly within YouTube.

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