The How-To Small Business Book

The San Francisco Business Times recently published a supplement to their magazine as a entrepreneur’s essential guide to building a business in the San Francisco Bay Area which they called The How-To Book. The How-To Book provided a lot of tips for the everyday businessperson, and even the article titles read as sound advice. Here are some ideas to think about when running your small business from The How-To Book.

  • Refine your repayment plan when asking for a loan.
  • Private equity can be alternative to VC or bank loan.
  • SBA offers large and small, long-term and short-term loans.
  • Use your business network to meet angel investors.
  • Test a public speaking trainer before hiring one.
  • Trainers can help with knowledge, skills, and motivation.
  • Pick an MBA program that specializes in your interests.
  • Diverse board of directors helps with strategy and growth.
  • Every firm needs an intellectual property lawyer.
  • Pay attention to wage laws to avoid employee lawsuits.
  • Do your homework on trade shows before the event.
  • Leasing financing can help maximize your cash flow.
  • Make sure e-recycler removes data from hard drives.

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