Bill Gates – Blue Screen of Death

You wouldn’t believe it until you see it but some of the funniest clips on YouTube are of Bill Gates. To prove it here are some of my favorite.

See Bill Gates’ fierce response when a CNN anchor tells him that vista ‘seems to mimic OS X.’ Bill lists Vista ‘innovations’ which Apple’s OS X has had for years.

Here is a interview of Bill Gates with Conan O’Brian. Some slide show software that as being demoed stalls to which Conan asks, ‘Who is in charge at Microsoft? ooh…’ Bill didn’t seem to appreciate the humor of the divine comedy of it all.

Here is a great old clip of the history of Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut to restart Windows. The creator says, “I have to share the credit, I might have invented it but Bill made it famous.” Again, Bill’s expression is priceless. I can’t believe he doesn’t get the joke. Bill, you write crappy software!

Here is a classic Windows 98 OS demo which resulted in the notorious Blue Screen of Death.

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