TED Talks

What is TED? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design but according to the official website, “TED is an event like no other” in that “it brings together more than 1000 thought-leaders, movers, and shakers.” Some of these sofa movers and salt shakers talked and presented on their work. There was an interesting talk by Hans Rosling that showed public, government, and UN statistics of world development in new and visually rich ways.

President Clinton was there to receive the TED Prize.

Another interesting talk was of Tony Robbins who was trying to motivate himself to speak on motivations. At the start of his talk he joked that his shortest seminar is 50 hours and at the TED conference he was alloted 20 minutes. Robbins is without a a doubt a great public speaker, he talked about unlocking your true potential.

There are a ton more videos at the YouTube TED Talks profile page.

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