Asian Masterplan

I am not culturally diverse enough to know the stereotypes for every creed, race, and nationality. But Kevjumba breaks stereotypes down in his I have to Deal with Stereotypes video. And even though he is Asian, that is not the reason he is cheap nerd with no social life or style.

YouTube user Shyaporn produced an informational video where he lets us know NOT to bring to attention Asian stereotypes as it is jacking up the Asian Masterplan of world domination. According to Shyapron, “By causing the world to under estimate and ignore us, we silently grow to power” to achieve “total economic and cultural colonization of America” by 2020. Shyapron says to his fellow Asians, “Lets leave playing the race cards as we always have to the Blacks and th Jews.”

Praise be to Buddha.

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