Ultimate Urban Ninja

First off, let me state that you should not try the following tricks at home, your friends home, or anyone’s home. But if you do, film it so we can all see how you ended up in the hospital. The people in the videos are trained professionals and in my laymen opinion clinical nuts. To get start here is a video of an urban ninja while at the mall, jumping and leaping from root tops to stair cases to just about any platform in front of him.

I guess this is how these urban ninjas train at the gym.

One of the first urban ninja videos out there was of the Dvinsk Clan from the Russian motherland. The video is of a skinny Russian kid doing some crazy acrobatics on some abandoned old school Soviet era building, it looks like the Soviet ghetto.

But now there are British and French urban ninjas. These high kicking death defying leaping ninjas seem to employee moves from karate and kung-fu to gymnastics and break dancing. This genre of craziness is also known as urban tricking, free running, or Parkour.

In the following video the Team Ryouko Yamakazi tricks off an UPS truck, bus stops, and just about anything else they can find in Toronto.

If you want to see more crazy break dancing, gymnastic, karate expeditions, capoeiristas, and plain old urban ninjas check out The Worlds Best Tricks Volume 2 and Volume 3.

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