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Sometime back Esquire published the How We Have Sex Now, result of an extensive sex survey. What I found from that article is that single men in monogamous relationships almost twice as much sex than married men. Also, as you might expect, the more money you have the more sex you will get all though this levels off once you make more than $100,000. I am not going to state my political affiliation, but the next sexual ti-bit from the Esquire sex survey was dead on, Republican men prefer the woman on top with natural public hair while Democrats like doggy style and a trim kitty.

What I also found interesting was some comparison analysis between what men and women think is the most powerful aphrodisiac. Most men, 38% of them, prefer looks where as most women, 43% of them, find kindness as a turn on.

A more recent issue of Esquire had a short article on the 10 Things You Don’t Know About the 99th Percentile, for those that are slow the 99th percentile refers to smart people, which also mentioned sex. Again, I don’t revel myself but I find this quote to be true. Here is the quote from that article…

Genius sex is like regular sex, only with footnotes.

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